Vedic Astrology: Rashi According to Date of Birth

Also called Jyotish, the Indian horoscope was created over 6,000 years ago in India. Compared to the astrology we know in modern times, there are more differences than similarities. The position of the stars in the West is tropical and synchronizes with the seasons. Soon, Aries, who begins the zodiac cycle, marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. In Indian astrology, on the other hand, the system is sidereal, in which the stars serve as a parameter. One thing to note is that both are the same, and both the Western and Indian zodiac have twelve signs. However, there is a difference even within this similarity: if you are Aries, you may not be Mesha (the first sign) in Vedic astrology. This also happens with the ruling planets. Instead of twelve stars in our horoscope, only Mars, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter, in addition to the Sun and Moon, take turns among the signs.

Vedic Rashi

Mesha Rashi (4/14 to 5/13)

Brahma, according to the Indians, creator of the universe, was born under this sign. As the first of this zodiac, whoever is from Mesha brings pioneering spirit and originality as quality. Mars, your conductor, makes you a person with good dialogue and good arguments, especially when you want to achieve the desired result. people born in Mesha rashi believe that they do not need help and can solve everything on their own. In addition, they have plenty of energy to pursue goals that interest them. The person of this sign can be considered brave since it does not run away from any challenge. They do not like the ordinary, and they do not prefer to stay away from them. They likes to do different things.

They like to be surrounded by beautiful and talented people. Because of their strong determination, they can be considered by many to be cold and selfish. Impatient, they prefer to take drastic actions with efficient results.

Vrishabha Rashi (5/14 to 6/13)

The person ruled by this sign always struggle to achieve independence. They have their goals very clear in their head and pursue them with determination until they are realized. Its strong characteristic is practicality. They like to build only what they believe will be solid and durable. Venus is the conductor and shows interest in the arts, beauty, and luxury aspect of life. Passionate about exciting songs and movies, they also like good and different kinds of cuisine like no one else does. Because of this, they should be concerned about their health, as these habits tend to make them gain weight. They have difficulties assuming their weak points and will rarely admit an error since they are used to giving orders. They can hardly get rid of hurts caused by past fights. In search of happiness, the person of Vrishabha accumulates goods and money and likes clothes with good taste.

Mithuna Rashi (06/14 to 07/14)

The person ruled by this sign is a dreamer. However, they are not attached to things that did not work. In spite of being determined, few goals sink during the struggle of achievement. They have the defect of not knowing how to make decisions which directly involve them. However, the Mithuna person is great at advising others when asked. Very sensual, they value partners who excite them through intelligent conversations. They usually have health problems as they have a strong temper and, thus, stimulate stress. They cannot stand being ignored or isolated. Their enthusiasm spreads to even the most apathetic people. They tend to be very witty.

Karkataka Rashi (7/15 to 8/15)

The Moon rules the person of this sign, so they are romantic and imaginative and tend to daydream a lot. They likes to make plans and imagine them with the same emotion that they would feel if they were happening in reality. Because of this, they are also capable of suffering a lot just from assumptions. Therefore, the people born under the sign of Karkataka have sensitivity to the skin and are easily involved. They cry easily with movies and music. They are super attached to their family. They do not admit criticism of their bonds, and when someone doubts their ability, they put their stubbornness into practice until they prove themselves to be right. They have a keen sense of justice and ethics. For relaxation, they like to go to the beach. With feet in the sand and the view of the sea, the people who rule this sign feel soothed.

Simha Rashi (8/16 to 9/15)

Leadership is your middle name. The person ruled by Shimha has, as a standard characteristic, the spirit of leadership, command, and government. This behavior can yield benefits and losses: It can raise them to the highest level in any situation, but, oppositely, they also run the risk of being considered boastful, self-centered, and intolerant. Ruled by the Sun, the people born under this sign are, in fact, energetic and courageous. They enjoy physical activities and philosophical reflections. Persistent in projects, they insist on reaching the expected result. Their quality is not to hold a grudge, and they are passionate about their family. They like to be surrounded by people with the same thirst for power. They know exactly what they want out of life and spare no effort to achieve it.

Kanya Rashi (9/16 to 10/15)

Their word is dedication. This sign tends to be intelligent and sensitive and is very attached to things and people. They sympathize easily with people and, therefore, it is common for them to suffer disappointments. With good speech coming naturally to them, they easily conquer people who listen to them. They also have a great self-confidence. Frustration can be a constant feeling in their life, as they have many desires at once. They are admirers of arts, aesthetics, and design. To better understand the world, they like to meditate. They have a fire that rarely goes out, making them go further and further ahead in life.

Tula Rashi (10/16 to 11/14)

The Tula people like to lead changes and revolutions. Because their ruler is Venus, they have a humanitarian and idealistic spirit. They have a keen sense of justice and fighting for it to get done. They build inspiring speeches thanks to their taste for history. It motivates listeners to follow them regardless of their battle they face personally. They like privacy, but they don’t leave their team spirit behind. They do not care about the opinion of others and do what they feels like. They are kind and intuitive type of people.

Vrishabha Rashi (11/15 to 12/14)

The person of this sign does not like to be the center of attention. Often discreet, they do not like to boast about what they have done or achieved. Self-confident, they like to start new challenges without being afraid of the outcome. They have the gift of feeling the climate of people and places they arrive at. Their defect is excessive jealousy when, for some reason, they feel the need to divide the people they love. Mars, their ruler, makes them an intense kind of people with a strong and adventurous spirit. However, they manage to find balance in their emotions. At leisure, they like to go to distant places since they prefer to be alone. No spotlight is needed to show off charm and sensuality. In love, they don’t like monotonous situations.

Dhanush Rashi (12/15 to 1/14)

Away from all negativity, a person of this sign has a highly positive mood. With Jupiter as their ruler, they are friendly and like to keep the people’s mood around them to be good. An adventure lover, they are the first to accept an invitation to a challenge. With an independent spirit, they adapt easily to changes. Their defect is to charge themselves up too much sometimes but withstands the pressure of others. For the women of this sign, the relationship with people in the professional field is more important than the salary. Their weak point is the habit of talking more than they should and infiltrating other people’s affairs.

Makara Rashi (01/15 to 02/12)

With Saturn as regent, they believe that conquest is only possible through a lot of sweat, and when they arrive, they dedicate themselves even more body and soul. However, if something does not work, discouragement easily appears and makes them give up what is being pursued. This sign’s characteristic is practicality, so they do not yield to sentimentality, and they seem know what the right way to achieve goals is. They do not like helping people very much, but they still do it so that afterward they don’t feel heavy in their conscience for not having helped. They highly value the opinion of others since they are a perfectionist and do not want any valuable advice to be missed out. They also do not relax until a task is finished.

Kumbha Rashi (2/13 to 3/12)

The people of this sign are malleable. This trait is discovered in them in the most unexpected and unlikely of situations. They do not wait for anyone to take charge of their life situation. They enjoy good travel and value independence, as Saturn governs this sign. They have the instinct to protect those they love and also those who are the least favored. They demonstrate compassion for those who suffer because they are a spiritual person and know how to put themselves in the shoes of others. There is a natural balance in them. They can weigh the pros and cons before making any decision. They believe in justice and goodness. They have the defect of spending more time in the past and the future, making them often miss the present moment. They avoid these moments and give more value to the sentimental than to the rational.

Meena Rashi (03/13 to 04/13)

Very sentimental, the people of Meena Rashi are easily moved. They feel everything profoundly and see life with a romantic pair of eyes. Super attached to their family, they demonstrate their affection and attachment to others on a regular basis, with affectionate gestures and affective demonstrations. They never forget their roots because they are ruled by Jupiter. They also like to venture out with good company. With so much sentimentality, many of their goals can be hindered before completion. They find a second family in their co-workers and they do everything to try and ease the suffering of others. They tend to lose focus on what they can seek easily instead of what they set out to achieve, so they need to find balance in such things.

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