15 Signs of Evil Eye and How to Protect Yourself and Your Family

Needless to say, life is an unpredictable thing. Good days sometimes give way to bad ones, but in general, our reality is more like a calm sea. Unfortunately, sometimes the situation becomes just the opposite: failures literally magnetize a person negatively, and sometimes an entire family. In such cases, the first thing that comes to mind is the evil eye or spoilage. And the main task is to check whether spoilage really has a place to be.

Do you need to check the evil eye or spoilage

How does spoilage differ from the evil eye? First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between these two concepts. The evil eye - a mild and often even unintentional phenomenon. Sometimes they say “glamorous” people can give the evil eye - for such people it is enough to say something negative to jinx someone or even just by thinking jinx someone. Sometimes, it can so happen that you can even jinx yourself. Similar situations have happened to many. It can happen sometimes that you say something negative rashly: “Here, I am a loser”, and off we go: one thing will happen, then the second, then the third. Or, on the contrary, a colleague will give a compliment to a dress or a new hairstyle, and after a day you are suddenly ill for no reason. Experienced people in almost all cases will be able to recognize the evil eye.

But spoiling is a completely different story. To induce it, you need a desire - by chance such things do not happen. In order to induce severe damage, people go to specialists, but in some cases you can do it yourself. Damage can affect the health, money, luck, and even human life. The latter is the most difficult and dangerous, because when successfully guided, it can result is the death of a person. Such a ritual is equated with murder, albeit with the help of magical powers, and it is a horrible sin. If the goal is to spoil a little life, perform ceremonies pertaining to health. Most often, female traitors are the target. Businessmen can become the object of corruption for money, but you can lose good luck simply because of someone’s envy.


By what signs can the evil eye and spoilage be recognized?

  • Weakness, apathy, and lack of strength are common indications of the impact of the evil eye. A condition that people often associate with stress or vitamin deficiency may very well be a sign of the evil eye or spoilage.
  • Sleep disturbances. If you cannot sleep at night or, conversely, do not get enough sleep, even if you sleep for days, beware. Sometimes nightmares are a consequence of corruption. Especially if they had never tortured a person before.
  • Inhibitions and decadent mood. A man lived well, was happy every day, and then suddenly went like: I do not want to work and only relax. Slowness and apathy (especially if they are not peculiar to humans) is one of the signs of spoilage and the evil eye.
  • Health impairment. Often the result of damage become a reason for a variety of ailments. Doctors shrug and talk about diseases, the results of their examinations are also not encouraging. There are problems with the eyes, skin regeneration, discomfort in teeth. And most importantly, the drugs are helpless.
  • Averting the gaze. If you are damaged or are impacted by an evil eye, your eyes will be watery. Such people try not to look at their reflection in the mirror and avoid the views of other people.
  • Bad habits. They can increase: the number of cigarettes, alcohol, etc can increase. A person who used to lead a healthy lifestyle can have addictions.
  • Constant conflicts. Regular quarrels with friends and family are another sure sign of corruption. And they arise literally from scratch. Everything seems to be fine, and then word for word ... When it comes to the ritual of death, a person minimizes any communication.
  • Problems with finances. This sign is relevant for damage to wealth and good fortune. Problems begin with work, failure of contracts, bankruptcy, dismissal. Sometimes a person simply regularly loses money by himself or becomes a victim of robbers.
  • Problems with childbearing. When a woman cannot become pregnant for a long time, the man experiences difficulties in his sexual life, perhaps the reason is not health, but imposed damage.
  • Hatred of self reflection. In this case, it is unpleasant for a person to look in the mirror, he feels hatred for himself and his own appearance.
  • The fear of the church. If there really is damage, a person tries not to walk near the church and feels bad at the sight of the icons. Sometimes this feeling is replaced by hatred of everything related to religion. There is an irresistible desire not to wear a cross, even if earlier it was a habit.
  • Difficulty breathing. Even if there’s enough oxygen in the air, trying to breathe deeper doesn’t work. Short-term attacks of suffocation may occur. In the presence of an evil eye, a person often sighs heavily, without any apparent reason.

How to check at home whether there is damage or evil eye

To make sure that there is an evil eye or damage, you can use some simple methods. Many of them can be held even at home.

Check damage and evil eye with candles

To use this method and check for damage, you will need four candles. To check for spoilage, the ritual is performed on Sunday evening. Dress in white (in extreme cases, a sheet is also suitable), since this color effectively protects from negative effects.

The order of the following actions is as follows:

  1. Place a stool in the center of the room. The person with whom work is going to sit on it, facing east. Palms look at the ceiling and just lie on their knees.
  2. Standing behind him, light a candle at this time.
  3. Make three circles around the person counterclockwise. The candle should be close to the body: raise and lower several times - from head to feet.

Next you need to look at the fire. If it remains the same color and burns smoothly without flashing, then everything is in order with the biofield. Why is it important? Damage damages precisely him, leads to an imbalance.

When the fire changes color, pops, smokes, an unpleasant odor appears, there has been a human impact. The stronger it is, the brighter the above signs will appear, especially when the candle is close to the face, feet, back.

Removal of corruption and negativity

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The evil eye does not affect a person so much. It is concentrated in the back of the head, the upper part of the body. The flame will then be calmer.

Carrying out such rituals, it is important to protect yourself. After finishing, take a shower and visualize how all the negative goes away with the water. This method is not the fastest, but with its help you will check if there really was a spoilage.

Check spoilage with matches

Another proven and reliable way to check for damage using matches. It will take, respectively, matches and any vessel made of glass with water. You need to take at least three matches and hold them in your palms a bit to transfer your energy. Then we ask, turning to them, whether there is damage to you or the evil eye. Next, light one by one and throw in the tank.

Then we analyze.

  • If the matches lie calmly and do not intersect, you can calm down - everything is fine with your energy field, and there is definitely no damage.
  • If the matches bend a little or lie on each other, there is a high probability of the evil eye.
  • If at least one went to the bottom, there is probably a spoilage.

In this way, you can check not only your own, but also the energy field of any person.

Check egg spoilage

To check for damage, such a method is also suitable. Pour some cold water into a glass. Break one egg into it (a chicken egg that is fresh). Try not to damage the yolk, otherwise nothing will work. Lower the chin down. Put the glass on the back of the head. Wait a few minutes, and then look into the water.

  • If the water remains transparent and the contour of the egg has not changed then there is no spoilage.
  • There has been some effect if small strips passed from the protein.
  • The presence of bubbles on these strips indicates serious damage.
  • If black dots are visible, we can assume the presence of damage such as death. In such a situation, you need to immediately find a remedy.

This is only one of the options by which spoilage is checked, but others are also possible. For example, you need to break an egg into any container of water and leave it overnight next to the bed, not far from your head. Waking up, look into the water and evaluate its condition, checking the signs that we talked about earlier, you will find if there has been any kind of damage.

Check spoilage with a bowl of water

This rite is considered one of the easiest, but very effective. It can be done at home without any problems. To do this, fill a cup with water. Throw in three small pieces of coal into the cup and observe their behavior. If they drown, it means that the magical effect - damage or evil eye - was affecting the person. In such case, the main task is to take action soon. If the piece of coals float on the surface - do not worry, everything is fine.

However, using this method, you will not be able to find out the details. To check who is behind the corruption, and what evil black magic has exactly been imposed, you will have to use other methods. But to search for preliminary information this method will be quite enough.

Check damage by photo

To check for damage, you can try the photo method also. Place the photo in front of you. With a burning candle, make several movements along the photo’s outline but a few inches away from it and follow the fire. Any unusual manifestations (strong smell, soot, crackling) will indicate the presence of negative energy.

Check for spoilage with beeswax

How to check if damage is directed at a person? Use the following method. For this rite beeswax will be required. It should be melted, and then poured into a bowl. That bowl of liquid wax should be placed above the head of the person with whom work is in progress. Then gently pour it into a container of water. Then wait for the wax to solidify. Analyze the resulting mixture in the bowl. Flat (slight bumps are possible). One-color indicates the absence of damage. If bubbles appear it indicate damage by the use of black magic. Growths appear when spoiled for a whole genus. If the edges are uneven, as if chewed, there was damage to destiny. After completing the ritual, wrap the wax in white paper and bury it in the ground.

Check for damage by ring

This is another easy way to check for spoilage. To apply this method, you need your favorite gold ring. Important - only 24 karat gold and above is suitable. If you don’t have 24 karat gold, you should not trust the result as being accurate. To test yourself, make a few light movements with a ring over the skin (palm or cheek). If there is a white line, then it means that there is no reason for concern - everything is fine with you. A dark bar indicates damage.

Check damage with rune

This method will help to check for damage if you know how to handle runes. Otherwise, you simply cannot see and explain their meaning. Familiar with the runes? Use the “Runic Wax” layout. Using it, you will surely be able to check for the presence of negative effects. Moreover, it will show not only the impact of spoilage, but also its correct interpretation. It will be known who performed the black magic and which areas of life will be in danger.

Check damage using tarot cards

You can also check for damage with the help of tarot cards. Any magic item requires careful study. For many, tarots are a waste of time; for others, on the contrary, they are a sure way to finding out the presence and impact of evil eye or damage. Tarot cards also have their own characteristics. In any case, with the right approach, you will be able to understand whether there really has been a spoilage. You just need to find the right method for you. Having studied the selected system, you will be able to accurately determine the state of your energy. If you still feel confused, seek advice from trusted professionals. They will definitely help to check if there has been any damage.

Contact a specialist

Performing the rituals on our own, we can succumb to emotions and misinterpret the results. Therefore, for correct execution, you should seek the help of fortune-tellers or psychics. Take the advice of friends or a reliable person that you trust instead of blindly trusting what is printed in the press or that which is published on the World Wide Web. Please note that diagnosis is one thing, and you will have to pay separately for removing damage. In any case, first of all, just talk with a psychic. If he is confused with his answers and does not give specific advice, but speaks terrifying words and crushes authority, run headlong from there. He certainly will not be able to verify whether the damage was actually present.

How to check a child for damage

How to check if there is damage to the child? First of all, you need to understand that not only the baby, but also the pregnant woman can become the object of damage. In this case, it acts quickly and with great force. Unfortunately, the consequences will be very serious. Suspecting the presence of spoilage, the woman who is expecting a baby should urgently tend to and solve the problem.

The question immediately arises: “Who can wish a pregnant woman harm?” To become an object of corruption, you do not need to break up someone’s family at all. Moreover, negative energy can even be obtained by accident. That is why magic is strictly forbidden for and against women in good positions, otherwise witchcraft actions can turn into serious problems. Cemeteries during this period are also best avoided. The woman should be careful and pay attention to unusual signs and situations.

Of course, the baby can become the victim of the evil eye after birth. Moreover, the influence of dark forces will be visible immediately. To protect the child from negative influences, first of all, it is the mother who must have a strong energy bio-field.

To determine if there is deterioration in the baby, it is not necessary to run to the sorcerers for help. If you have desire and small abilities, you can do this yourself. You should use beeswax or determine spoilage on a fertilized chicken egg. If you so desire, you can use the tarot cards and the Scandinavian runes also.

When working with these methods, it is virtually impossible to make a mistake, therefore, you will be able to check for damage done to a small child accurately. Let’s take an example of a child which was healthy and happy until the age of seven years. It must be remembered that until he was seven years old, he had a very strong energy connection with his father and mother. It is also likely that children may have accidentally received the evil eye from their parents. If that is the case then you need to conduct work immediately with the whole family. In any case, it is necessary to check for damage.

How to check your family for damage

Often people ask: “How to identify spoilage in the family?” The root of endless quarrels and conflicts can be hidden in the family tree. Often curses are transmitted over many years and in some cases for generations - from parents to children. Suspecting the presence of spoilage, refer to the following symptoms.

  1. Family members suffer from one ailment.
  2. Various mental problems.
  3. The problems of one person begin to worry not only the person but also his entire family.
  4. Death of members of the same sex in the genus.
  5. Household killings possible.
  6. Constant quarrels and conflicts.
  7. Children leave their parental home early.
  8. The cause of death is repeated from generation to generation.

Carefully approach the study of such issues. Having agreed with one or more statements, ask a specialist for help - he will check for damage. The next time a conflict breaks out among your relatives, try to control yourself and analyze the situation. The following are signs of negative effects on the family:

  1. Family members complain of apathy, fatigue, and lack of strength. Doctors just shrug and can not help. Chronic diseases make themselves felt, there are problems with sleep and appetite, depressive moods, and uncontrolled aggression.
  2. Constant troubles and difficulties literally pour in. It seems to be just a matter of chance. Only that the situation is repeated regularly, each time becoming more serious.
  3. Regular scandals and quarrels. Family members do not want to hear each other, there is no love, no trust, and no respect.
  4. Unexpected appearance of sudden and severe pain in loved ones. They may well become the cause of premature death.
  5. Financial difficulties.
  6. Jealousy with or without.
  7. Infidelity.

To determine spoilage in the family, it is worth using the methods described previously.

How to check a house for damage

Damage can also be made to the entire house. The truth is that its of no use blaming your own flaws. Home is the place of our strength. Here you need to maintain cleanliness and comfort. Chronic muddied ones can, by their behavior, cast trouble in a house.

Sometimes really strange things happen in the house that cannot be explained by logic, in which case damage to the house is likely to be the cause. Unfortunately, it is very common. Enemies and envious people resort to this type of impact. An important difference from other rituals - damage to the house is always deliberate. Such things do not happen by chance; they really wanted to hurt you.

The reasons may be different. So, here it is worth seriously analyzing your life and looking at the people around you. Perhaps you crossed the road with someone without wanting it.

Each house has its own atmosphere. In one - you want to live, in the other - never again appear. The second option is our case. In such a house, a good mood turns into a bad one. Residents see strange silhouettes, hear unusual sounds and feel that there is someone else besides them. Of course, being in such an atmosphere for a long time is unbearable torture.

The mess does not go away even after spring cleaning. It seems like some kind of devilry is going on here. In fact, this is spoilage. To check if this is the case, take a look at the following symptoms:

  • Plumbing fails, becoming the cause of the flood.
  • The bulbs constantly burn out, and sometimes explode.
  • The equipment breaks.
  • Furniture spoils: forever something breaks, becomes worthless.
  • The dishes break almost every day. Sometimes objects fall without contact with them.

These seem to be trivial occurrences, but they happen so regularly that it gets scary. It also has happened in some cases that porcelain figurines simply scattered into hundreds of pieces in people’s hands. Everyone is trying to be very careful, but to no avail - the destruction appears one after another.

There are also much more unpleasant situations when you need to clean the space and fill it with new energy. Unpleasant situations such as:

  • The neighbors flooded.
  • A robbery has occurred.
  • Set fire to or ruined a door.
  • Knocked out the windows.

Moreover, such moments occur on a regular basis. True, unfortunately, the troubles do not end there.

  • Every day the household is cocked; an extra word causes outbursts of anger.
  • Conflicts and skirmishes occur daily.
  • Bad mood was the only guest in the house.
  • Joint pastime have long ceased to be the norm. Family members try not to talk to each other, are offended and wont even go to the world outside.
  • Fear and panic seized their hearts.

First of all, you need to understand - such things are not accidental. Be sure to carefully inspect the entire house. Most likely, you will find an item with the help of which they have spoiled you. And you will immediately understand everything when you see a lump consisting of various debris: ropes, pins, dust, and other such things.

Attention : On finding such an object, in no case, do not touch it!


Using cardboard, move it onto a piece of paper and burn it. Then urgently spray the house with water. And only then take measures to remove the damage.

So as to verify a 100%, the presence of damage, you need to use special rituals. They should be carried out in case of any doubt. In any case, such a rite will not do worse, but only dot all the i. That is to say, it will take into consideration all the tiny details that may have caused the evil eye / damage / spoilage.

1. Take the stew-pan and toss a little salt in it.

2. Place it on the stove.

3. At this time, read psalm 91 and its meaning or use audio recordings. Today they can be found on the Internet without any problem.

4. Reduce the heat.

5. Observe the changes that occur in the salt.

  • Yellowed salt indicates no spoilage.
  • In the presence of damage, salt will darken and, possibly, will “hiss” and “shoot.” This indicates the beginning of getting rid of bad energy.

6. The ritual must be carried out for a whole week.

7. Each time after the rite, the salt must be disposed off into the sewer (do not dispose in the trash!).

  • Powerful spoilage will make the salt completely black.

8. Hide the black salt in a bag and go to the cemetery.

9. Spread salt on seven graves.

10. Read the plot:

“Through seven thresholds the road leads the enemy. The first crossed - lost strength; the second crossed - fell to the ground; the third crossed - crawled over and lost his mind; the fourth crossed - felt over powered and forgot his strength; the fifth jumped - jumped into the grave; the sixth overcame - and fell into hell. There is the seventh threshold - there is no turning back through it. With you my troubles be another hundred years! ”


How to remove damage

When you know that there is corruption, and you know it a 100%, no need to panic and bite your elbows. The only thing you need to do is calm down and urgently take measures to remove it!

What to do?

  1. It is recommended to perform rituals to get rid of corruption during the waning moon.
  2. While performing the rite, concentrate on a successful result. If you do not believe in the power of magic, the ritual may not have any effect. First of all, clarify for yourself whether you really need it. Damage is a serious impact and undoing it requires deliberate visualization and effort.
  3. A few hours before starting work, refrain from eating or drinking anything.
  4. Perform the ritual to get rid of spoilage at midnight. After going to bed, do not communicate with anyone, at least until the first sunshine.
  5. Do it all by yourself, extra people in such a complicated matter are completely useless! An exception is the rites in which the help of another person is needed, but there are very few of them.
  6. Most rituals require different things: they must be new, unless otherwise specified. After usage they must be discarded and thrown out. It is strictly forbidden to use such things in everyday life - because it is highly dangerous to do so!

Removal of damage to the loss of health and beauty

You could check to make sure if there has been a negative impact. Damage to health requires immediate and decisive action. For this ritual you will need small objects. You should get them from a blind, dumb, and deaf person (strictly by mutual agreement!). The thing should be insignificant - a simple button will be enough. In total, you must get three items. At night (after midnight) go to the cemetery, find the grave of your namesake. If possible, find a very old burial place. On that burial place, place all three items found and walk around on your heels. After read the following text:

“In a quiet tower on fir branches the dead man lies. The hand warms the hand, and the mouth is locked. The cross will swing, the soul will stir. Follow the white world, find my offender, return to him everything that he sent to me, but give me back what he took from me. Deaf, dumb, and blind sob; health and beauty have not been known for a long time. So that my enemies would cry and weep. They did not know their health and beauty! ”


Give a bow three times and hurry back home. Remember, you cannot talk to anyone until the next morning!

Removing Corruption to Death

Usually, to get rid of damage in such a way, you have to ask for help from a knowledgeable person. However, if you do not doubt your own abilities, you can try to do everything without the participation of others.

The day before you should prepare:

  • salt (two handfuls);
  • matches;
  • any coin;
  • white new towel;
  • an old set of clothes (which you don’t mind burning);
  • a new set of clothes that have not yet been worn;
  • seven branches of aspen.

Plan your ritual at sunset time. Put on your old clothes and go to any river or lake. Holding a little salt in your palms, plunge into the water—chest first, and stand with your back to the sunset.

Read the plot seven times:

“A terrible spell, a black spell, a fierce spell made in ” your name “, go into a wide abyss, deep water. You can’t break my strong bones, never drink the warm heat, and never destroy your pure soul. “Disappear forever and without a trace, not for an hour, not two, but forever!”


Then throw salt behind your back, dip completely and come back, but just do not look back. Pull off your wet clothes, use a towel to dry yourself, and put on everything clean and new. After that, go to the intersection, which will be the first one on the way, and leave a coin in its center. Go where no one is, find the dried branches and light a small fire.

When the bonfire flares up, throw in it wet things, a towel, and salt. One after another, throw branches and read the plot. Once for each branch - so seven times in total.

“Fatal corruption, sent to “your name” perishes, and revives it to life. The machinations of the enemy burned down, but she survived!”


Once the bonfire burns out, extinguish the remnants with earth or sand. Do not look back, do not enter into a conversation with anyone and rush to be home again. Be calm, this ritual will help to completely heal and forget about the damage.

Removal of damage to separation

Corruption is a common cause of breakdowns in relationships. This ritual can protect you from breaking up with your lover and improve the atmosphere in your couple. To do it on Saturday, buy:

  • bright tablecloth;
  • red scarf;
  • red threads (sewing);
  • a needle (preferably gypsy with a wide eye);
  • linens;
  • a nightgown;
  • three eggs (chicken);
  • red candle.

So also, find a photo - yours and your partner’s. Just make sure that the man does not need to know that you took her. Perform the ceremony of getting rid of spoilage at midnight on the waning moon. Next to a lit candle, lay out all items except the thread and the needle. Connect the photos (facing each other) and sew together, starting from the top-right corner and in a clockwise manner. In the end, make three stitches on each side. With each stitch read the following text (in the end it will need to be repeated 12 times):

“Separate, depths of the sea, show your possessions, so that my beloved and me, from now on do not know enmity and confusion. Let our path be lined with flowers, and the moon caress our faces, and unearthly love be with us always; peace and quietness in the house. Seek out our ardent enemies, return to them dashing pain, so that they suffer in the bowels of tartar and do not remember their former life. “From now on, I am the mistress of the sea, as I say, it will be forever, I fix the words with grief and the invisible transient misfortune.”


Tear a thread, make 12 knots on it. Pour a little wax onto each with a candle. Blow out the fire, tie the cinder to the cards with a thread, tear it off too and tie as many knots. Hide all used items in a handkerchief and put away in a place so that only you know where it is.

After that you need to make any dish. The recipe must definitely have eggs. What it will be - doesn’t matter. For example, pies or a snack. Cover the table with a cooking tablecloth, put dishes with food, among them should be your special recipe. Organize a beautiful romantic evening - drinks, dim lights, music, and incense. Make sure that the man definitely ate that same dish.

Before that, put linen on the bed, put on a nightgown - choose the most beautiful model. You must be irresistible. When a man comes, give him maximum attention - talk well and take care of him. After dinner, move smoothly to intimacy - the night should be hot. Then, as if by accident, wipe the man with a nightie. When you wake up, remove it - the tablecloth and linen. Make sure that no one can find them, much less pick them up.

Experts recommend:

Removal of loneliness

To get rid of this type of damage, prepare these items in advance:

  • accessory - ring, earrings, pendant. It must be made of silver or gold;
  • salt;
  • dishes - two deep white plates;
  • 0.5 liter can with a lid;
  • long black thread, about half a meter;
  • white tablecloth;
  • candle;
  • spring water (500 ml).

At 12 o’clock during daytime, cover the table with the white tablecloth. Put salt on the first plate, put a burning candle there. Pour spring water into the second. Pull the thread through a ring or other cooked accessory. If it doesn’t work, you can simply tie the thread - it should be convenient for you to conduct the ceremony. Pass the decoration through the fire 12 times. While passing the decorations through the flame say the following text one for each passing:

“As a candle burns evenly, does not swing, so let my life be illuminated. All troubles and adversities will go into the salt, where they will remain forever!”


Then put on this product, it is better if you wear it without removing it. Blow out the fire, dissolve the salt in water and drain it into a jar. This water must be poured at the intersection of roads. All other things that were used to carry out the ritual must be gathered together. Dig a hole somewhere in a quiet and hidden place and bury it all. Having removed the damage to loneliness, usually a person will soon start a relationship.

Removal of damage to property loss

Loss of property is not a pleasant event. To protect yourself from trouble and to get rid of this damage, prepare in advance:

  • a box of matches;
  • black scarf;
  • a candle to buy in a church;
  • white plate;
  • knife with a wooden handle.

First of all, cover the counter-top with a scarf and put a burning candle on it. Take 12 matches, use a knife to remove the sulfur heads. Arrange them randomly on a plate - you should get a neat little heap. With a candle, light it and say:

“You scatter to ashes, but for “your name” may the world be bright!”


Then take a candle, go through each room in the apartment clockwise and at this time read “Our Father.”

Put the rest of the matches next to the candle. Each of them needs to be set on fire from the candle (hold matches only with your left hand!), At this time pronounce the following text:

“Our Savior, sweep away from your slave “your name” 12 misfortunes, 12 troubles, 12 ailments, 12 misfortunes. Give me peace and grace, save my home from the word of a wicked, dashing man. ”


Thus, you need to burn all the matches, the words of the conspiracy in the end will need to be read 12 times. Mix the ashes from burning the heads and the matches themselves. Blow out the fire. Wrap a knife and a candle with a scarf, on which make three knots and go on the road to the first intersection. In its center, break the dish with ash and leave quickly. The remaining items need to be buried in the ground under any tree, but such that people do not walk on this site.

If you think that you have been damaged or impacted by evil eye, do not waste time - every minute in this situation is worth its weight in gold. Do everything you need to check for spoilage and prevent truly serious troubles. All magical actions require serious preparation. It must be treated responsibly.

Magical or spiritual practice is an extremely personal experience. When you practice, you are alone with the mysterious, and even from the group ceremonies, each participant brings something of their own.


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