Brain Basics: Know How Your Brain Really Works Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone already knows that the signs of the Zodiac say a lot about the personality and the way of being of each one. But what about the brains of each of us? Could it be that, based on the zodiacal information, we can trace the brain functioning of each sign? The answer is yes. Of course yes!

Check below how the brain of each sign works and kill the curiosity to know how your head works, or that of your best friend, your mother, your grandfather ...

The Aries Sign Brain

The Aries brain is divided between a lot of emotion and little love. What kind of emotion? Well, of course, most of the entire brain mass is dedicated to a lot of confusion and stress. Then, sex and jealousy occupy large areas, followed by friendship, which is a really important factor in the lives of Aries. Impulsiveness comes next (of course, impulsiveness, right, Aryan friends?). An already much smaller area is dedicated to understanding and one so small that it is almost imperceptible to romanticism. The area of ​​emotional control? So, this one doesn’t have ...

The Taurus Sign Brain

Most of the Taurus people’s brains are devoted to food, sleep and sex - the largest area of ​​the three being food, obviously. Luxury and possession come next. There is also an area linked to persistence and strength, but this is already smaller. Now, the area that is concerned with financial spending is so small, but so small, that it will see some Taureans not even activate it.

The Gemini Sign Brain

Of course, the Gemini brain could only be filled with cool things. Most are for curiosity, which explains why people of this sign always ask “why?” Or “how does this happen?” About absolutely everything. A sense of humor appears right away, but that doesn’t mean that a Gemini will always be happy, okay? His brain emits nerve endings that mix happiness with sadness, so everything can change at any time. Creativity and charisma are given a certain space, and finally - and, yes, less important - are certainties and persistence.

The Cancer Sign Brain

Have you ever noticed how someone from Cancer has the ability to remember absolutely everything that happened on each family vacation, each birthday party and important dates? Well, it is not for nothing that half of the Cancerian’s brain is dedicated to memories. How she likes the past! There is, of course, a lot of space for romanticism and sensitivity and a special place for drama could not be missing. But it is worth saying that even though the space of the drama is relatively small, a cry can start in any area - that explains a lot, doesn’t it?

The Leo Sign Brain

It is true that there is a certain space for shyness in the Leo brain ... But it is so small that it is practically sucked out by other parts, such as those destined for charisma, the spotlight, overprotection and who would tell the ego. Determination appears on a smaller scale, but even so it has an important place - after all, a Leo never gives up what he wants, especially when he wants to attract attention. Modesty? No, there is nothing about it ...

The Virgo Sign Brain

Virgos, hold on, because this analysis will not be as detailed as you would like, but everything possible will be done to please you, even knowing that you will think that you would do a much better analysis. It is also certain that they will not be able to remain silent and will make all possible criticisms (but they will be constructive, of course). Perhaps you would prefer something more methodical and classic, but it is also true that the generosity (and a certain empathy) you feel will cause you to do everything to help improve what you can - even because, despite criticizing, receiving criticism is already another history…

The Libra Sign Brain

Do Libras want their brains to be analyzed? Or do they not want to? Will they be happy or sad about it? Impossible to know, after all they don’t even know it themselves. They are so concerned with deciding what is best and spend so much time trying to decide that they end up deciding nothing. But what we can say with certainty about Librans is that they are vain and very polite. Indecision causes anxiety, but it can be disguised with Libra’s charm. Speaking of charm, if you want something, just ask a Libra, after all, saying “no” is practically impossible.

The Scorpio Sign Brain

You know that little devil that sits above his shoulder, close to his ear, saying everything necessary to make the forbidden (or different, or more exciting) seem extremely cool? The Scorpio’s brain works just like this little devil. Sex, attraction to the forbidden and acting on impulse dominate the people of Scorpio. There is also a good deal of anxiety and jealousy, which creates a huge need to take revenge when you feel betrayed (a vengeful Scorpio? Ah, go!).

The Sagittarius Sign Brain

Join joviality, lots of jokes and optimism and you will get a very fun mix. There is also competitiveness and pride, it is true, but these characteristics appear on a smaller scale. The small portion of philosophy makes Sagittarians travel a little too far, but the hints of boldness and seriousness balance the entire recipe well, which ultimately results in happy people who love being around people who follow the same pace as them.

The Capricorn Sign Brain

Stop blaming your Capricorn friend who only thinks about working, making more money and growing professionally. He’s not to blame! Who has it is his brain, which sends “focus on work” messages all day, making him a card-carrying workaholic. The parts aimed at pessimism and practicality also do not help, as they make it even more serious. But don’t give up on your friend. There is love in his heart too! Just look right ... Right right ...

The Aquarius Sign Brain

Pay close attention, as it is very difficult to understand the Aquarian brain. There is a lot of lack of obedience, eccentricity and adventurous spirit together, which in fact causes many unusual situations. All this rebellion mixed with areas still under study and in the process of recognition make Aquarians completely unpredictable. What to expect from them? Well, it’s easier to know what not to expect: sameness.

The Pisces Sign Brain

Pisces, pay close attention: an analysis of your brain will begin now. It is important that you have focus ... Wait, where are you going? Stop following this puppy! Ah, I’m glad you’re back. Hey, I’m talking to you! Hello? Is anyone there? But why are you crying? And this hug from nowhere? Are you okay? Now you’re laughing again ... Well, let’s get to it, your brain ... But, why are you looking at that tree?

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