Dream of Cats or Kittens - Biblical and Spiritual Meaning


Before discovering what it means to dream about a cat in more specific situations, an introduction is needed to understand the immense and powerful symbolism that cats carry with them from ancient times.

The cat carries many meanings that revolve around the balance between opposites, such as interior and exterior, movement and rest, light and darkness, water and fire, and so on. It is precisely because of this ability to express (symbolically) through opposites that cats are the source of many disagreements about their symbolism in both dream life and occult literature. For some cats deny negatives , while for others cats are very positive animals and full of beneficial symbolism.

However both views are correct, for the cat is an animal that represents balance , unity and harmony . From this perspective, cats can appear in dreams to either alert us or signal us about a problem or to potentiate our intuitions about something of interest to us.

Moreover, an important fact about cats is that they have a strong connection with mystery , the occult , mysticism and spiritual planes , symbolizing the bridge between the visible and the invisible realms. . Because of this, cats often emerge in dreams to induce the dreamer to embark on a deep journey of self-discovery and transformation.

As such, the meaning of dreaming of a cat can be very positive and interesting as long as your intentions and goals are aligned with the inner transformation process that this dream suggests.

Find out below what it means to dream about a black cat, and below we’ll cover other, more specific analyzes for a better understanding of cat dreams.

Dream about Black Cat

In the superstition of many countries, black cat is believed to be a symbol of bad luck. However this view is completely inappropriate in present times. Many still believe that when a black cat crosses our field it is an omen of bad luck. This belief originates in the Middle Ages, when some horses fell into a wild frenzy due to the bright eyes of felines in the dark. As a result, such a situation was seen as an indicator of black magic or that the devil was influencing the horses. Finally, all this confusion ended up for the black cats.

Therefore, black cats are very positive in dreams. Of course the details may slightly change the symbolism of this dream, but black cats often appear in dream life as symbols of abundance and prosperity.

Dream about White Cat

The white cat appears in dreams to encourage us to develop our spiritual potential and to deepen our knowledge of ourselves . It is a very positive dream and it can happen when we are interested in awakening our true spiritual identity.

Dream about Kittens

Kittens often symbolize an appeal to dependence on waking life . By being inspired by the kitten symbolism in your dream, you will surely wake up more willing and full of plans and hopes for your future. It is a very positive dream and one that can give you a very keen intuitive knowledge . However, to take advantage of this symbolism, it is important that your interests are aligned with progress and individual evolution.

Dream about Dead Cat

The dead cat in dreams is a symbolic way for the unconscious to manifest its own immaturity . You may be stationary on progress and evolution. Thus, this dream suggests the need to seek self-transformation to awaken the true potentials and latent abilities of your spirit.

Take the time to read books of mystical content and to learn more about yourself. Meditation, stretching, and breathing exercises can help release the strings that leave the unconscious in a cast, allowing the soul to express itself more freely in the physical body.

Dreaming of Yellow Cat

The yellow cat in this dream denotes a more specific transformation process in waking life. Yellow in this case is associated with the third chakra (solar plexus), which is responsible for our attitude and motivation towards life. As a result, dreaming of a yellow cat may indicate the need to adjust some emotions that are undermining your self-confidence, your lack of focus and your lack of interest in life.

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