What is the First Name of the Person I Will Marry?

When asked this question, I usually explain that the Tarot consists of letters full of images that reveal what the consultant is experiencing and the possible trends for the future. And, who interprets the symbols contained in these images is the tarologist.

Thus, due to the tool in hand, which is the deck, there is no way to extract proper names, addresses, locations, etc. Therefore, we can say how the person is in personality, whether it will take a short or long time to appear. Whether the querent will be happy or not in this marriage, and so on.

After all, the one who can see a proper name is the seer, who does not necessarily have to be a tarot reader. Both exist independently of each other. Therefore, anyone can be a tarot reader if they study and train, but not everyone will be psychic, as it is not something controllable.

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