Angel Number 398 Meaning: Love, Twin Flame Reunion, and Luck

Maybe you have already heard that human beings are not just the matter that we can see, feel, or touch. We are above material; we are energy. And we’ve discovered that power can’t be destroyed; it can only change form.

This information completely alters our perspective on life and its purpose.

As humans, we are energetic beings, and our souls, thoughts, emotions, and even the body are all just different energy compositions.

Maybe this concept is hard to absorb. But certainly, once or twice in life, you have encountered or felt something more than the material.

People’s conversations and physical touch, as well as our thoughts about other people, are essentially the energy packages that we send.

When you think of someone, you send energy to him or her, and vice versa. The moment you energetically accept what comes to you, it becomes yours. And, then you begin to co-create your reality.

Now, we come to Angelical numerology. The way, Angels send us numbers/messages, is the same way we receive energy packages from other people.

When we accept Angel numbers, we welcome Divine energy. Thus, we are protected by the Divine Light.

Those Angelic energy protections are a fantastic tool for energy security. However, understanding the energy journey is also necessary in order to avoid collapsing energetically at every opportunity.

Angel number 398 is one of those messages that provide you with an incredible amount of energy protection.

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398 Angel Number – Interesting information

When you reach this level of consciousness, you realize that you are not only the mater but also the spirit/energy. There is another thing you need to be aware of. It is when you accept the Divine’s entrance, your spirit is integrated with the absolute.

Angel number 398 brings the unity of self-knowledge through the healings that we go through in the physical world.

This healing, which is at the core of this message, refers to our heredity field. It implies that we bring the spark of the source into the spiritual chain from the consciousness of unity. Thereby, it is healed permanently.

Simply put, Angels are using this message to teach you to get closer to our inherited field which connects us to the Universe. Then we can’t be in pain, hurt, or negative. Everything heals, both internally and externally.

Of course, seeing that aspect in ourselves is difficult, but angelic beings come to the rescue.

They enable us to fully utilize the full potential of our existence in order to materialize the miracles on Earth, which become eternal.

As a result, if you’ve noticed this Angel number with the code 389 and wondered if “someone” or something is always next to you or inside you, you’d like to assist you in locating the core.

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Meaning and symbolism of the Number 398

Now, we will understand the meaning of Angel number 389. Firstly, we need to cosine this idea that your thoughts create changes in your life. If the changes that are occurring are not what you desired, make the necessary changes immediately, first in your heart, then in your head.

With this Angel message, 389 Divine beings remind you again of the material world, all that has form and all that is perfect, because it comes at the right time.

With this Angel message, 389 Divine beings remind you of the material world. They say that everything material will come to you at the right time.

Angels also encourage us to shape our thoughts with this number, but we must never proceed from materiality, but only from the heart.

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Significance of Digits 3, 9, & 8 

It is a collection of vibrations and properties associated with the numbers 3, 8, and 9.

In this case, the number 9 represents a new beginning (the end of old habits) and the realization of your new ideas for the future.

The number 8 carries the energy of awakening consciousness and spiritual advancement. This also calls for the beginning of new period in our lives when we are moving in the right direction. This practically means that we experience life solely from the absolute, without identifying with any kind.

The number 3 appears at the beginning of this Angel number 389 and represents the most sublime form of being. It is not the number that speaks of success or failure that feels every experience, but the beauty of existence.

In its entirety, Angel number 389 requires you to stand still, and tells that life itself is a gift and that your essence is always untouched.

Its symbolism indicates that you are in the present moment. 389 speaks of the doors of our consciousness opening and closing every day and indicates that you are standing in the middle of the two doors.

It will assist you in understanding the present moment. If you want to understand the present moment, you must become one with your soul in fulfilling your heart’s desires.

This number encourages us to take a step forward (or backward). In other words, you must return to the past, deal with it, and then stand up and move forward through the present moment.

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398 Angel Number and its Connection with Love

Angelical beings want you to know that your thoughts are currently like seeds that will sprout in a plant at any moment. You must have noticed the initial signs of your wishes being fulfilled.

All of these are signs that things are going in the right direction. Now, the question is, have you ever wished to feel and live Love?

If it is, you now have a better understanding of how to implement it in your own world, as well as a plan to spread it further.

This is the point of unconditional Love. Love cannot hurt, only the ego and our ideas of what the world should be like, what kind of people it should be made up of, can hurt. These are all forms of non-acceptance and misunderstanding of the nature of existence. Love is the essence of our existence!

However, the ego imprint that has been bothering you for so long will eventually start causing problems in your life. Not necessarily right away, but with a delay, so we will not connect cause and effect.

It is time to leave the ego behind and move forward in the direction of Love.

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Facts about Angel number 398

The sum vibration of the number 398 is 20. But, if we want to see it as just one number, we must speak of the traits associated with the number 2.

This number indicates that Angelical beings collaborate with you and assist you with your mental processes.

They teach you in many ways how thoughts manifest and silently advise you, even if you aren’t aware of it. Angels send you positive energy, and assist you to continue on the path set by your soul. They assist you in understanding that every change begins in your mind. You can ask them to help you understand what you want the most at any given time.

The Divine beings are attempting to tell you that you should concentrate on your thoughts at this time with the help of the number 389/20/2. They nudge you to make the necessary decision that will take you from where you are now to where you want to go.

In this way, you can see Universal Law in action, ensuring that everyone bears the consequences of their actions. If we do well, we receive good, and if we do poorly, we receive the same.

To return to the beginning of the story, we’ll remind you that Angel number 389 is associated with energy.

Traces of energy left by our thoughts and actions are still present in the energy field. Every action we take, including the thoughts we send into space and the unconscious within us, leaves an energy imprint.

When we do something bad to someone, this negative energy does not just goes into space but also remains in our own field.

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Angel number 389 teaches us not to give up on our life’s journey in the face of adversity. Happiness is yours to have. We must seize new opportunities and the affection of higher power by enlisting the assistance of those who open new doors for us, and those new doors are mutual possibilities. The door we open for others represents our own personal new beginning.

As a result, it is critical to understand that all thoughts, emotions, thoughts, and actions have their own energy, which in turn affects you. If the energies are positive, the impact will be positive as well.

If they are negative, however, their impact can make your life much more difficult. It is now your responsibility to learn how to collaborate with them.

This is also the number of people who offer the candid and correct advice.

Remember that all three numerals, in this case, 3, 8, and 9, represent these three essential aspects. They can be summarised as rebirth, renewal, and freedom.

Following them will alleviate any pain and dissatisfaction in the long run. Angels advise you to take a break because only time will bring you the inner peace you need to “process” your emotions.

We associate this number with brave deeds, defending those weaker than us, and keeping promises – actions that you must undertake if you are the recipient of Angel number 389. Don’t forget to protect your energy – if you leave it unprotected for too long, you’ll suffer the consequences.

As a result, it is critical to understand that when you are under the energetic influence of another person or the Divine Realm, as in this case, you can avoid unnecessary complications and keep them from affecting your life, and you can progress in the most wonderful way.

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