10 Feng Shui myths, misconceptions and rumors you should not believe

As with any ancient practice, it takes time to figure out where the truth is. To dispel all doubts, we publish the 10 most common myths about Feng Shui.

1. The red front door is the key to good luck

Is this statement true? Perhaps only half. The red color for the front door is really good, but not for every home. The choice of color in this case depends on many factors.

2. Bamboo and fountains

These elements are most often associated with feng shui. There is a myth that supposedly their presence in space instantly increases income and improves business as a whole. This is actually not the case. The absence or presence of these things does not automatically make home / office feng shui good or bad.

3. Flowers in the bedroom

Rumor has it that the flowers in the bedroom worsen feng shui. Fresh flowers have a refined energy (Chi) and always bring charm and a sweet healing aroma. Then how can they negatively affect the bedroom space? As in any science, feng shui requires paying attention to details and not being guided by general skills. Sometimes a small bouquet of fresh roses is a wonderful feng shui for the bedroom, while a huge colorful bush in a pot can have the opposite effect.

4. Rearrangement in an apartment changes life

Surely it sounds tempting - move the sofa and get promoted? Or make repairs in the dining room and find eternal love? The fact is that moving furniture from time to time is a good idea in itself. It refreshes the flow of energy. However, this action itself does not give any guarantees of cardinal changes in life. For feng shui to start working, you need to rearrange the furniture in accordance with the special provisions of this science.

5. If the bed is in the wrong direction, then you are doomed

Perhaps this is the most absurd myth, which in no way relates to feng shui.

6. The right plant brings good luck and money

In feng shui, there really are money plants. Only the truth is that any living plant, full of energy and health, brings a high-quality and positive charge for space. Thus, first of all, you need to take care of the plants that are in space. This will help maintain the positive vibrations of your home / office.

7. The energy of the entire kitchen depends on the location of the stove

If you like to cook, then you probably know that many elements are needed to make the kitchen comfortable in every way. In Feng Shui, there are also many aspects to the kitchen and the layout of the stove is by no means the most important. So don’t worry about this item, instead focus on creating a clean, bright, and happy kitchen as a whole.

8. Tangerine ducks bring eternal love

This symbol is one of the most popular and classic “medicines” in matters of love. But in this case the statement is incorrect.

9. A clock is a sign of negative feng shui

Time is known to be a non-renewable resource that flows very fast. In this regard, you must be very careful. The presence of a clock in the bedroom is not very good for Feng Shui, in other cases - do not be shy and fill the space for hours, as your heart desires.

10. Bagua mirror protects the house

Very often this item is used incorrectly. Bagua mirror - no matter with a concave and convex glass, it should never be used indoors. It is located outside and only if there is a real threat of negative energy. But even without it, you can find more effective ways to feng shui that will protect your home.




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