March 30 Zodiac Sign Personality, Compatibility and Soulmate Predictions

If you were born on March 30, you are a powerful person in many ways. Also, you are charming, witty, and temperamental. It doesn’t take much for you to win people by your side.

People see you as the key to their social networks. As the true connector that you are, you meet very diverse personalities.

Here is your full horoscope profile. It allows you to know your solid personality. Read on to get the enlightenment!

Your zodiac sign is Aries. Your astrological symbol is Ram. This symbol represents those born between March 19 and April 21. It empowers you to be successful, rich, and powerful.

The planet Mars plays a fundamental role in your life. Through its influence, you gain insight and honesty.

Fire is its cardinal ruling element. Fire allows you to have a sense of integrity. It does so so aptly because of its close association with Earth, Water, and Air elements.

Astrological birth chart

March 30 Zodiac sign Aries
March 30 Birthstone Aquamarine and Bloodstone
March 30 zodiac Symbol The Ram
March 30 Strengths Courageous, Passionate, Confident, and Determined
March 30 Weaknesses Aggressive, Competitive, Temperamental, and Impulsive
March 30 Life Path Number Life Path Number 3
March 30 Ruling Planet Mars
March 30 Element Fire
March 30 Lucky day Tuesday
March 30 Lucky Colors Lavender Blush
March 30 Lucky Numbers 1, 2, 18, 24, 30, 36, and 50
March 30 zodiac Stone Ruby, Bloodstone, coral, and Jasper
March 30 Zodiac Compatibility Most Compatible with Leo and Sagittarius. Least Compatible with Scorpio, Virgo, Cancer, and Capricorn

On March 30, the people of the zodiac are on the Pisces-Aries cusp. We refer to this as the pinnacle of rebirth. Two planets, Neptune and Mars, play a very important role at this peak.

Neptune allows you to be generous, independent, and energetic. You are completely dedicated to your friends and family.

On the other hand, the planet Mars allows you to radiate courage and confidence in life. You need these qualities to pursue your goals.

The cusp of the renaissance has given you some financial success. You are a great money manager. As such, you will get financial stability in due course.

Your astrological chart shows that your health is fine. However, beware of infections targeting the upper body. As an Aries, you are likely to suffer accidents targeting this part of the body.

Love and compatibility

People of the zodiac of March 30 are trustworthy as a lover. Although you are impulsive, your partner can trust that you will be there when they need you.

You have a weakness for unpredictable and mysterious partners. You can do your best to make them happy.

You look like a demanding suitor. Never settle for someone you think is substandard. It means that you are in no rush to settle down. Instead, you prefer to take it easy in love. This gives you the opportunity to get to know your partner better.

You seek love with creative, passionate, caring, and loyal partners. Here, we suggest people born under the zodiac Libra, Leo, and Sagittarius. You have a lot in common with these natives.

As such, you will establish a very solid love foundation with them. This is more true if they were born on days 3, 6, 7, 11, 16, 19, 20, 24, 27, 30, and 31.

Warning!! The planetary alignments indicate that you are less compatible with Pisces. Aries and Pisces disagree on many important matters in life. It means that a relationship between them will not work. If anything, it is a recipe for disaster. Consider yourself warned!

Aries Compatibility Chart

AriesAries with… Compatibility
Aries Aries High
Taurus Taurus Medium
Gemini Gemini High
Cancer Cancer Low
Leo Leo High
Virgo Virgo Medium
Libra Libra Low
Scorpio Scorpio Medium
Sagittarius Sagittarius High
Capricorn Capricorn Low
Aquarius Aquarius High
Pisces Pisces Medium

What are the traits of a person born on March 30?

The people of the zodiac born on March 30 are very sincere. Your honesty can only rival your industriousness.

You are an independent individual. As a freethinker, you come up with great plans to solve the challenges facing your community. The truth is that most of your ideas are viable.

However, you must go beyond just thinking about them. Turn ideas into reality. Be more of a doer!

You need constant change to move forward in life. It is because you become inactive when you have to wait for things to happen. You are more motivated when you have to fix things and provide solutions.

It means that you can survive practically anywhere. You can respond appropriately to a wide range of situations. For this reason, society admires you for providing answers.

You are more productive when you pursue personal goals. In such conditions, your energies are focused.

However, you have some weaknesses that you need to work on. These flaws in your personality will spoil your good reputation.

For example, correction is not taken kindly. You are slow to admit your faults. I hope you follow our advice well!

Also, you lose control of your temper quite often. Accept your fierce behavior. Put your mind on your emotions.

All in all, you have dynamism and creativity that are not common. Use them to your advantage. Let them propel you on your journey to success.

Also, learn to show gratitude. There is a lot of power in the words: “Thank you.”

Famous people born on March 30

You share a birthday on March 30 with various famous people. They include:

  • Ivan II of Moscow, born 1326 - Tsar of Russia
  • Mehmed the Conqueror, born 1432 - Ottoman sultan
  • Jean-Louis Ravelomanatsoa, born 1943 - Malagasy sprinter
  • Cassie Scerbo, born 1990 - American actress, dancer, and singer
  • Janella Salvador, born 1998 - Filipino singer and actress

Common characteristics of people born on March 30

Those born on March 30 are the people of the zodiac who are in the 1st decan of Aries. They are in the same category as people born between March 21 and March 30.

The planet Mars rules your life. This means that it has the best characteristics of this celestial body. For example, you are idealistic, passionate, and creative. You show the strongest qualities of Aries.

People see you as a role model. You live by what you preach. As such, people are drawn to you because of your admirable lifestyle. They are very interested in seeing what you do.

This motivates you to achieve your goals. You are ready and willing to sacrifice so that your society can win by your example.

Your birthday represents such outstanding qualities as reliability, enthusiasm, kindness, and hard work. You need them to get to the next level.


Due to their restlessness, they often fall into good and bad stories. Every day for Aries who are born on the 30th  of March is a new adventure, the end of which is unknown to anyone. In love, they know both happiness, unknown to many others, and grief. First love, leaves in the soul an indelible trauma for life.

Early marriage, in adolescence, also does not lead to anything good. Often, the first marriage ends in divorce. Emotional difficulties force them to switch to something else. Problems in their personal lives make it possible for those born on March 30 to take serious risks. They are ready to stake their health and well-being.

Stopping them is almost impossible. Under the influence of emotions, they are excited, go to scams and dishonest deals, and are also known to make dangerous acquaintances. However, having found their soul mate, finding happiness and fabulous love, their ardor is pacified, and they begin to think more rationally and act more cautiously.

Having learned the delights of fatherhood or motherhood, their way of thinking changes. They are shocked as before they could be so careless and sloppy. From this moment on, their life becomes stable and most importantly reliable. Their well-being and financial approval depend only on luck.

Taking risks, Aries born on this day either break the bank, in the form of a solid state or have nothing left to do. A permanent, stable place of work, in their understanding, is boring and pointless.

Career horoscope

You have a lot of drive and spontaneity. This combination is unique. Usually, you will find people with an abundance of one of the two qualities, but absolutely lacking in the other.

Because you have both, you can bring much-needed pizzazz to your workplace. Your bosses and colleagues value you as an asset. As such, you get quick promotions.

Final thought ...

Lavender blush is the magical color for people born on March 30. This color is quite dynamic. It represents many aspects. For example, it is unpredictable and unconventional. This reflects your personality.

Your lucky angel numbers are 1, 2, 18, 24, 30, 36, and 50.

March Zodiac Calendar

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27 28 29 30 31

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