March 29 Horoscope


The day when Mars leaves Aries, taking with it the restless, partly violent tendencies that were characteristic of those born in the first decade of this sign.

On this day, restrained, erudite people are born. Knowledge, extensive thinking, intelligent manners, and reputation in society characterize the status of Aries whose birthday is on this day. From childhood, they are sure that education, rich knowledge is their key to success in life.

March 29 Zodiac Compatibility

When it comes to training, they strive to get around everyone, taking several steps ahead. In youth, they deprive themselves of many charms of life, in order to provide themselves with a decent life. The fruits of their labors are not long in coming. The beginning of their career falls on a solid workplace.

Growth along the career ladder is carried out with incredible speed. Among colleagues at work they do not like. They are closed in themselves, uncommunicative, clearly know their work, for which they receive a fee. Employees often stick sticks in wheels, which is an obvious manifestation of envy.

Aries born on March 29 do not respond to the intrigues and provocations. They avoid conflicts and passions. At the same time, they are not cowards, it’s just humiliating for them to go down to the level of gossips and not well-wishers. They go their own way, without touching anyone, and expecting the same from people.

But in matters of love, by the will of the heavenly bodies, fortune is not so merciful to people born on March 29. Among representatives of the opposite sex, they are not popular. The charm of a love relationship, they comprehend quite late. Closer to middle age, personal life is getting better.

Often as spouses appear work colleagues, subordinates. Having achieved financial stability and wealth, they feel more confident in relations with the opposite sex. A dysfunctional origin may cause them to be ashamed of their roots. If they are natives of a wealthy class, they easily make acquaintances.

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