Best Marriage Compatible Zodiac Signs To Tie The Knot

Best Marriage Compatible Zodiac Signs To Tie The Knot

All signs must remember that our partner represents our shadow, that hidden part of us, a self that we do not know how to draw out.

Try NOT to get married 52 days before your birthday, nor that of your spouse, once the birthday has passed the omens for the wedding will be better.

Who Should Aries Marry?

Your way of seeing life in terms of your religious or philosophical beliefs will change throughout the year, although your greatest need will always be action. For the marriage, the Aries are suitable for kind and discreet people who have skills and social qualities. If the sign were one hundred percent Aries, a Libra sign would suit you but it is essential to take into account the entire birth chart. Aries, when in love cut to the chase. When they fall in love, they express it abruptly and they also decide to get married quickly, the problem is that everything is made easy for them and just as they get married, they also get divorced.

Aries will never take No for an answer, he will do whatever it takes to hunt his prey because he is the hunter par excellence, the warrior who does not decline in his attempt. They are always so sure of themselves and what they think that they have a hard time understanding other’s points of view. Although they may seem rude with their spouse, Aries always know the ground, even when they are unfaithful, because they are so sincere that they cannot lie.

Who Should Taurus Marry?

Lately you have been sad because you are alone in love matters but it has been largely your fault. Your need in marriage is financial peace of mind and sex. Your perfect match is Scorpio. Taurus men are excellent providers, they don’t mind supporting their partner and providing her with everything, but they are very dominant and sometimes have so much work that they are boring. With a Taurus husband or wife everything is very clear, well-defined, and they demand fidelity, they have frequent attacks of jealousy and they are very controlling. If for some reason the loved one is not as committed as Taurus expect, there will be no remedy or forgiveness. It will be a very hard blow for Taurus and it will also be unforgivable.

If you want to keep Taurus happy, give him love, food, a safe roof and enjoy his company. It is not about adventures, trips, or outings. His home and comfort are everything. But be careful that they do not mark you with an inventory number because generally they feel that they have fulfilled their responsibility as excellently. They may feel that they have been good suppliers, but they cannot understand other finer needs, so both spouses should be careful.

Who Should Gemini Marry?

Your greatest need is communication, in marriage you seek the exchange of ideas with the other person, or at least that your spouse leaves you in your internal dialogue without interrupting you and without being surprised by being so changeable. Your perfect partner is Sagittarius.

If your spouse understands and respects that way of being yours, despite your jealousy they will be happy. If you realize that the way of thinking of your spouse does not coincide with your Gemini side, it would be better to suspend the wedding. In your case, there can be no lack of understanding for you because marrying a Gemini is not easy, its ‘either they understand you or don’t’ sign.

This year you have felt the need to exchange ideas with another person and given your personality you have probably been unfaithful because you are anxious for emotional intimacy.

You have to realize that you look at everything through the intellect and that sometimes makes you too cold. You feel in love and you say you want everything with the other person, even marriage; but, the problem is that your talent is not intimacy or passion, because you are very mental. Geminis love intelligent, refined, and worldly people; if they are rich it’s even better. If your prospect to marry does not have those qualities, at least that of having more money than you, forget it Gemini, there will be no way to fix it on the way.

Who Should Cancer Marry?

I told you that you would have drastic changes in love this year, that it would be purifying, and that people would leave and in the long run it would be a burden for you. Your deepest need is a home with the harmony that gives you the freedom to create other projects.

Surely throughout these months there have been strong rearrangements and ruptures, perhaps some Cancerians have already divorced or ended those relationships that were no longer satisfactory.

Cancer loves in a very committed way. If you were a pure Cancerian, your best partner would be a Capricorn. Cancer surrenders and their greatest success in life is having that home and the love that they have always sought. For them marriage is the way to reach the ideal love, the ideal home and the ideal future, but they are so hypersensitive that any gesture, any bad word makes their ideal scenarios collapse. Then, Cancerians, I regret to inform you that there is no such ideal scenario in that ideal future with that ideal person that you long for so much, and the problem is that the one who is not ideal is you.

Your need for love is so great that you take the first one that happens, you fall in love and then you get angry because it was not what you expected. That is your problem, you do not wait, there is no such thing as what you expect, there are people, situations, interests and plans, so before getting married put your feet on the ground. Cancer marries very much in love and in the middle of his honeymoon he realizes that he was wrong. You were not wrong, nor did the person cheat on you, you have not wanted to hear it, look at it, or believe it.

This year it will be better not to rush into love and if you are thinking of getting married, think twice!

Who Should Leo Marry?

I told you, Leo, that this year you would most likely get married. You better do it on your birthday and never 52 days before it. Your spouse only has to make you feel that you are their reason for breathing, that they would kiss the ground on which you step because you need a subject, not a spouse, but in exchange for that, you will be a king for whom the other is the Sun of your kingdom .

Leos love with a passion and an absolute dedication like everything they do. Their most heartfelt need is to stand out, shine, and in love they will also want to stand out. Never tell them that they are a mediocre partner or a mediocre lover because they will not forgive you and as the king that they are they will cut off your head.

Your best sign for marriage is Aquarius. Although it is very difficult for Leos to marry, they are the unmarried. Only special situations will make them capitulate. What they like most about their relationships is the possibility of leaving when they decide. Which seems inexplicable and unforgivable an offense to the king, but the best thing to do is let them leave if that’s what they want.

However, when Leos commit they will be faithful because they will grant their word as king does. They only try to make themselves shine and be happy in their kingdom. Leos will never choose a conventional person as a spouse. Their spouse must have something that others do not possess - be it beauty, intelligence, generosity, or be someone who as a trophy is unattainable for others. It will be a king trying to seduce an emperor.

Who Should Virgo Marry?

Virgo are honest and productive, their only interest is to serve and be useful. If you are a Virgo, chances are that this year has been very dry for you in love. As soon as Saturn begins to give you a break, that will last until September, what you have now in love will be consolidated. If you are single and thinking of getting married it will cost you more work than you expected. If your relationship is difficult it will be corrected and consolidated.

Your ideal partner would be Pisces, but like all signs there are several combinations that can give excellent results and some that you can’t even think of. This year there will be almost no fishing opportunities so I do not think that many Virgos will get married this year, even those who have wedding plans. For some reason or another it will be delayed. Perhaps there would be a better scenario astrologically speaking, so future spouses should not despair.

You still hope to find the ideal, perfect love, but this year you will know precisely if that person you are thinking of marrying is the ideal or not.

Who Should Libra Marry?

Dear Libra, love urges you like Cancer, you don’t like loneliness, you don’t know how to be alone. You need to have that other person to admire and love intensely. For you, it is essential that he be a person to whom you can present in your social environments, someone of whom you feel proud.

The bad thing with you is that you want them to love you as you love yourself. you do not like imbalance because it seems unfair. I have news for you: life is not fair.

You conquer a Libra with the details, with romance, phone calls and gifts, even if they are not expensive. Libras love beauty, so their partner must fill the relationship with beauty, they must intellectually feed Libra, they must enjoy all their intellectual aspirations.

If the Libra is ordinary or a little more grounded, he will probably stay because he is not alone but not for long. If Libra tries to conquer you, rest assured that you will never again live a romance of so many details and infatuation. You will surely fall but if you are the one who wants to conquer Libra, it will be a tiring task.

Libras will happily accept to marry if you fulfill their aesthetic in love.

Who Should Scorpio Marry?

Scorpio’s deepest need is depth of feelings, therefore they do not like superfluous people. You must have something absolutely interesting for a Scorpio if you want to get their attention. Scorpio’s ideal partner is a Taurus, although we have already said that there are many for everyone.

Marrying a Scorpio is not easy and it is fair because they are so intense that when they marry they do it forever, until death, they are generally faithful and extremely jealous, they are so intuitive that they will guess any infidelity.

Scorpios think a lot before getting married because they are looking for a partner who is absolutely loyal to them and always support them in all the battles they face throughout their life. They are absolute companions, they never become competitors or adversaries unless you earn their grudge. It is not easy to meet a Scorpio. They are absolutely reserved with their true feelings and thoughts, but if you are the object of a Scorpio’s desire. They will surely have you. Now take care that a Scorpio has you because you will never know exactly who you have married. Be careful not to be surprised by its intensity.

Who Should Sagittarius Marry?

The natives of this sign only want to broaden their horizons, they are expansive and they want to conquer more territories in all areas of their life, so their best partner is someone as mental as Gemini.

Of all the signs I would dare to say that Sagittarius is unmarried and that if he marries he will give so little importance to marriage that he can marry many times. What Sagittarius loves most is having their freedom to go and do wherever they want. They feel very threatened with marriage but they will do so in order to have the other, the one they want so much.

That is why it is up to the spouse to review the reason why Sagittarius is getting married and to be very careful with their tendency to infidelity.

The only thing that can retain them is to find clarity and objectivity in their relationships, rationally; because although they are very passionate and sexual, that is not what keeps them next to a person. The Sagittarius spouse will have to have a strength and temperament very similar to yours, to be able to undertake adventures together through life, perhaps a Leo will suit you.

Who Should Capricorn Marry?

His greatest need is to direct and take responsibility for what an excellent partner with Cancer does. As with Scorpio, they are such strong signs that it is difficult to get to know them, they do not like to expose their privacy. Capricorns take time to fall in love and when they make a show of love, they are close to asking you for marriage. If so, it is because they have been watching you and thinking about it for much longer than you can imagine.

The spouse must be patient, if they have reached the point of marriage it is because they have already spent time in the relationship, and it may be that the person still does not know well who the person he is marrying is and he is right, to Capricorn must be given a lot of time in love, that is why the relationship with fire signs is difficult.

If Capricorns decide to marry, it is because they are absolutely sure that the person they have met is the one they need. This is where I would advise the spouses that before signing, think carefully if they are marrying the one they need needs.

Capricorns need to take responsibility for a home and a family, so they never marry thinking that “if it doesn’t work, I’ll get divorced,” that’s unthinkable. They will want to have children and be the director of their home. They probably will.

Who Should Aquarius Marry?

We have already said that their love life is unstable because love makes them lazy. They are much better friends than lovers. They do not like loving manifestations and prefer intellectual relationships or they get bored.

His greatest need is to learn, to know new things, so if you are in love with an Aquarius, you will have to powerfully arouse his curiosity or surprise him. It is necessary to be able to interest him and overcome his pride.

Aquarius is a bit lazy about love, he falls in love but more than a romantic love Aquarius is looking for a friend to marry; someone who has features like him. It is not uncommon to find marriages where the two are Aquarius. There is no need to wait for cuddles or affection and precisely for that reason and because of their intelligence they become a challenge for emotional people such as the water signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio), who are attracted to Aquarius. This year they have had good love streaks but it does not indicate marriage.

The intellectual factor is essential for Aquarius. They will get bored or frustrated. Emotions are a hindrance to them, they are too objective. That is why they are excellent friends but not necessarily excellent lovers. If you marry an Aquarius, you will have married a great friend.

Who Should Pisces Marry?

Your perfect marriage partner will be Virgo because he will put your feet on the ground and will not allow you bad company or negative moods, which is what ends Pisces in life. Pisces must take care of depressions, obsessions; their mission is to find meaning in their life because the most dangerous thing for Pisces can be emptiness.

A good marriage is essential but more than anything they, need someone who can put up with their moods, their mood swings, and their paranoia. Anyone who is in love with Pisces must be very patient.

It is not uncommon for Pisces to decide to marry immediately because it tends to idealize the couple. The problem for this couple arises at the height of that idealization. So, Pisces should not take the matter calmly. As for Pisces’s spouse, she must be prepared to fulfill her Pisces’ fantasies and keep them alive.

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