Why you would reject a date according to your sign?


Do you like someone and you don’t know whether or not to ask them for a date for fear of rejection? Each person is a world, but through their sign we can know some aspects, so if you want to know if you have possibilities, do not miss this post. Next, let’s see why he will decline a date with you based on his zodiac sign ...


Aries is all or nothing, if he has already given you pumpkins it is because he does not feel the emotion that should be felt to have a date. The ram of the zodiac is very clear about his preferences and tastes and no matter how pleasant you may seem, if he does not feel butterflies in his stomach he will not want to waste your time. Of the fire signs Aries is one of the most impulsive, he would never miss the opportunity to meet someone he likes. If you have tried to meet him or her and you see that he does not show the slightest interest, do not insist, he probably wants you as a friend.


For Taurus, physicality is not everything and, although he must feel a certain attraction to have a date, the most important thing is that he can be him or herself when he meets you. The bull of the zodiac will not stay with you if they notice that you are looking for or expecting something that they cannot offer you. The most important thing for this sign is to feel comfortable next to the person you are with. Although perhaps you will not do anything to make him feel differently if you do not give him the confidence that he needs, it is most likely that he will not stay.


If you do not want Gemini to reject a date with you, try not to go too fast because as you notice it, the legs will reach up to the ass to run away. This sign likes open people, talkative and not possessive at all, if you give it free will it will come flying like a bird to get closer to you and get to know you. With Gemini’s better nothing of romantic and love dates from the first contact, if something arises from friendship much better. When the twins of the zodiac notice that you want to put labels from the beginning they lose interest completely.


Cancer has a hard time opening up and showing himself as he is until he feels confident. If the zodiac crab doesn’t feel a strong enough emotional connection to you, they will most likely politely decline your date. If you have doubts about whether or not there is any possibility, hope that he or she will be the one to take the step, if he does, he may have seen something interesting in you, but if not, it is better that you let it pass. Cancer is very clear about its things and if you do not provoke any feelings, it will not waste your time ...


Leo has a strong and overwhelming personality, he could never have someone too dominant by his side. If you want a date with this sign, but you are a somewhat bossy and controlling person, you have it clear with him or her. Leo likes to give himself the opportunity to meet people, but if he sees that you are too critical or demanding, he will reject the date with you and most likely reject you as well. The lion or the lioness of the zodiac are leaders by nature and for this they do not need to command, so they would not bear this from anyone ...


Virgo is not into mental games, this sign is clearer than water. If you have noticed him or her you will see that their conversations are not ambiguous, Virgo likes to call everything by its name. He does not look at anyone because he is a little demanding in this sense, but he is not going to spend his life with someone who does not provide what he or she needs. If you like to be around the bush, you better not ask him for a date because he will reject it and there will be no opportunity that is worth it.


Libra is not that he likes to take control of everything, but he does like to take his time to make important decisions. If you are thinking about asking a native of this sign out, try not to pressure him or be too intense from the beginning. Libra is put back by people who are very shameless in their intentions, they are subtle and know how to keep their forms at all times. If you want to attract the attention of this sign, try to behave like a lady or like a gentleman ...


As much as Scorpio likes you, if he feels that you are also a good player and that you can break his little heart, he will reject a date with you. To meet someone or to repeat the experience, this sign must first completely analyze the behaviors of the person who catches your attention. If in his observation he sees that your behavior is that of a person with his feet on the ground then he may give you a chance. If your intentions are to play with him or her, he will notice and be careful because he will have no mercy when it comes to charging you ...


Sagittarius is not that it is superficial, on the contrary, but you need to feel a physical connection strong enough to go on one or more dates. Sagi is not that it is prototypes, but if it is true that it looks at certain profiles and if you do not belong to that group, it will make you understand so that you do not insist. The centaur of the zodiac can be somewhat volatile, but in this sense he has things very clear and there is no one to change his mind. Sagi either likes you or not and if he doesn’t feel what he should feel, he will clearly offer you his friendship ...


Capri is not exactly one of the deepest signs of the zodiac, more than anything because he likes to be practical. However, in matters of the heart if he feels that he cannot have a real and meaningful conversation with you, he will most likely not give you hope. The goat of the zodiac does not like to play with anyone’s feelings, he follows the motto of not doing what you do not want them to do to you. Now, if you notice that he shows interest, be yourself and it may be he or she who asks you for a date ... You know!


If Aquarius likes you, he will tell you yes, he knows that it is useless to be asked, things either flow or stagnate. This sign will only reject a date if it is clear that it only sees you as a friend and that this relationship will not go away. If you insist, it will make you know clearly that it is not possible unless you are willing or willing to only have a friendship relationship. If you stay with Aquarius and he notices that you keep trying in some way, he will move away from you until it passes ...


Let’s see, Pisces is not that he is a saint or a saint who never has a sporadic relationship, but usually if he meets you one or more times it is because he is looking for something real. If he feels that what you are looking for is a simple adventure, he will go where he came from. The fish of the zodiac is very clear about his feelings, if he is interested in you, but you only want to have a good time for a little while, no matter how much he likes you, he will withdraw and refuse any plan you make with him / her.

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