Why you should not give your heart to a Aries if?


You are afraid of risk, because being in love with Aries implies living life without brakes, without limitations and without barriers that make everything stop suddenly and life does not flow. If you are the typical boring person who is always getting “problems” out of everything and who complains about vice for no reason. Better buy yourself a cactus and stay at home if you’re going to be on that plan, because energetic people like ARIES can’t live next door to people with old-fashioned 1920s vintage furniture complex throwing back.

Do not be very IN LOVE with Aries if you do not know what the meaning of the word TRUST is , because you will waste the ram’s time and it does not like that. If you are going to distrust every two by three, you are going to question his promises and his word and you are going to live in a continuous attack of jealousy, it is better not to fall in love with Aries, because that detests him almost the same as the smell of shit for the mornings.

Seriously, try not to fall in love with ARIES if you know that you are not going to be up to the task , because Aries has a world to offer you and needs by his side a somewhat strong pillar, so that when he collapses for whatever, he knows that the The weight of the relationship will not only fall on your back, but it will be totally equitable ...

The only thing Aries asks for is a love that listens, understands and, above all, respects. He does not ask for degrees at Harvard (which would not be bad at all) or courses on how to make your partner fall in love, the only thing he asks for is someone authentic and positive. Someone who is really worth it….

If you know that your complaints are going to be present all the time and that you will not be able to look beyond your navel hole, please do not fall in love with Aries. Loving the ram may not be an easy task, but what is really difficult is forgetting his kisses and his affection when we lose him forever.

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