Why Will You Never Get Over a Taurus?


To improve yourself, Taurus, you first have to love yourself, and to love yourself there is a waiting list of almost three years with the option to give up because it is almost impossible. Seriously Taurus, to be better than you you have to be a better person and that is practically impossible. That yes, that you have your character and your bad feelings when you want and that it is not easy to understand you because you have many armor, but nobody wins you a better person and that is not debatable. That is the purest and greatest truth that can be said, and the envious on duty know it. They know it and that is why they cannot overcome you, even if they want to be like you, without human warmth like yours they will not go anywhere.

You are a very patient person, very strong and tremendously passionate Taurus.

You know perfectly which foot the envious people who want to be above you limp from and you know that there are times when it is better to do INDIFFERENCE, to lose their nerves and thus give them a reason to believe they are bigger than you. It is really impossible to beat yourself for that very Taurus, because what you keep safe is much greater than the human stupidity that sometimes occurs.

Yes Taurus, your heart is the key for you to feel much more proud of who you are, like your heart there is none equal, because no matter how much they want to imitate you and make it appear that they are like you, there is no one who can achieve that human warmth that you give off when you really need it.  In your life, you love stability in every way above all else, so you better not fool around and wake up your dark side, because you will regret it ... the loyalty you spend in front of the things that matter to you and with The people you love make you GREAT Taurus, they make you the best person they can have in their lives. They criticize you because they want to be like you and they can’t. Getting over you is impossible.

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