Why Will You Never Get Over a Leo?


Having you as a friendship is the best gift that life can give us, Leo, thanks to your inner strength and your personality you always make everything much better. You make people bring out their good side without having to make any effort, seriously, by your side the good is always much better and the bad does not exist (at least for a while). There is no Leo who does not know how to be a leader and who does not have a gift for people and for that reason, they envy you the way they envy you Leo.

People who do not like you well, cannot bear to look at you and see the light that you give off, they are envious, they want to be like you and they do not even reach the tip of the last hair on your head.

The security you spend when everything goes haywire, the courage you squander when everything falls apart, and the independence you show when there is nothing but control, are the main bases to admire yourself the way that Leo does and you know it. You make yourself different from the rest just for the fact that Leo exists, no one who really loves you would change you a single millimeter, because you are really special.

They will never get over you Leo, because they will never have a chance to be like you.  Because they will never know what the secret recipe for your success is. Really, that look that you squander when you are with the people you love should be prohibited, the envious ones on duty cannot forget Leo and you know it. They know it because deep down they admire you, although not what your enemies want to admit, they admire you much more than you would imagine. In order to get to the bottom of your shoes, you have to put an end to envy and accept, that it is really impossible.

Who envies you, deep down is because he would like to melt in your mouth Leo. If they do not recognize it, it is out of pride, because fleeing from your touch of love and passion is an impossible mission. It may be crazy but the passion you spend ends up with a lot of torture.

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