Why the Pisces Heart Hasn't Healed Yet?


Waiting you despair more than anyone and waiting, you lose opportunities to be really happy again Aries. To heal your heart as it truly deserves, you have to stop expecting from others what you would do right now. Do not expect anything from anyone when there is a break Aires, do not wait too long because by waiting you make your fire grow and that things look really bad. Speaking clearly, you think that he will come back to you to ask for forgiveness, to say that he wants to see you again and be the one to say NO. You trusted his criteria, you no longer know who to believe, that is why you must make your own way and forget the fact of expecting nothing from anyone who is no longer part of your life.

Many people will pass through your life but no one should cheat on you Aries because you realize everything, you know much more than you appear and that is why you play with an advantage.

That they do not give you lessons in love and lack of love because you eat them in one bite, you know that your intelligence is far above everything. For that reason you must move forward with your truth, with your strength and with a lot of momentum to start over. It is never too late to start over, it is never too late to love again even if a part of you does not want to, get out of the game until you know that you are completely fine.

Your heart is worth much more than anyone who deigns to play with Aries and you know it. Don’t even think about waiting for the most idiotic person in the world to let such a treasure escape again, because you deserve to be really happy very very slowly. Slowly. Savoring the Aries moment and making it clear that not everyone can be part of that privilege. Focus on healing your mind in the most positive way possible and allow your heart to breathe for some time alone. Give yourself time Aries, that a breakup is something that can be overcome perfectly.

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