Why the Leo Heart Hasn't Healed Yet?


In order to move forward as you really deserve and heal your heart in the way that Leo needs it most, you have to do things very well from the beginning. Don’t pretend to run without having the fucking idea of walking. You do not want to come out of a breakup out of nowhere and enter another relationship with everything ready to start over, Leo, because everyone needs time to collect themselves in the best way. You are no less than anyone for failing, you are no less than anyone for needing time to heal your wounds.

Put your pride aside Leo (at least for half an hour at a time) and accept the situation from the beginning.

It hurts to say goodbye, it hurts to leave behind a stage of our life in which we were happy, life hurts to leave everything you love aside, but when it touches, Leo touches and when we have to face that situation, it must be done with the best of all smiles. Nothing to put armor and pretend. Nothing about NOT acknowledging what is really happening so that no one will notice. That of escaping from the non-Leo world, because the main thing to move forward is to recognize that there is pain and that it can be cured. Past trodden and present for the Leo front, because nobody is perfect and yes, everyone makes mistakes.

Even the most perfect person on earth is imperfect, even the most absolute wonder is flawed. Accept your mistakes and recognize your virtues very well. Embrace your flaws and be proud of your achievements Leo, do everything that is good for your heart because that is what life is about, learning and growing as a person.  To heal your heart in the best possible way, you must first know all the details to understand what could have happened. Know what the trigger was for the breakup and find out very well if there are still any lies.

When you have the whole subject as clear as possible, go Leo, door. You have to go through this process to leave everything well tied and so that your mind does not go back for any doubt. You have to move forward knowing what happened, what you did and what you suffered. Why? To be able to love again.

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