Why the Gemini Heart Hasn't Healed Yet?


Gemini, do you really think a nail pulls out another nail? Do you really think that will help you fully heal your wounded heart? In order to move forward correctly and in the healthiest way, what you DO NOT have to do is get out of a swampy terrain and get into the deepest Gemini mud and you know it. The worst of all is that you know it and do nothing to prevent it. Don’t think that you will be able to forget that person with someone else. Do not think that other kisses will be able to erase the mark that those left in their day ... Gemini stepped past but calmly, with patience and doing things well.

To heal your heart you have to give yourself quality time by and for yourself. Go out with your friends, have that special relationship with your family again and make plans that evade you and make you feel that life is very beautiful in solitude too. That nothing happens to put love aside for a moment to heal your heart as it deserves. Really Gemini, do not think that a person can heal you and make you forget that relationship that caused you so much damage.

There are people who are etched in our minds for life and we have to admit it. Something like humidity, okay? Even if you paint over it, you know that in time they will come out again and you will have to paint again.

Because you patch something that is broken, it does not mean that it will be fixed out of nowhere. You have to give yourself some healing time and see what it is that you really want. Give yourself some quality time to find yourself internally and thus know what you need and what can make you be that smiling person that you used to be. Before you jump in, stand up and think Gemini, because your heart doesn’t need you to give it more trouble when you know it’s not having a good time. Sometimes life smiles at us when we least expect it Geminis, so time to time ...

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