Why the Cancer Heart Hasn't Healed Yet?


Do not think that you will never find anyone like Cancer, because deep down you know that it is not true. Your heart may not have healed as it deserves because of the memories that remain with Cancer, but the best thing in these cases is to make a good “trodden past” and move on. When you have to face a situation of rupture, you lock yourself in your shell so that no one can bother you and you get stuck in that place that hurts so much deep down.

The second parts were not always good Cancer and in your case, they are not highly recommended.

When your heart goes through a breaking situation, you have to put in a tremendous effort and force yourself out. Escape from the world around you, get some fresh air, do something you don’t normally do in order to evade your mind as it deserves. Your heart is very good, pure and sincere and it always has room to give a second chance, but in this case it should not cross your mind. Deep down you are afraid of taking risks, you are afraid of leaving your comfort zone and you do not like not having anything safe, but you have to risk Cancer and open yourself to a new world, because although it seems that there is no way out, there is.

After the storm comes the calm always.

When you close a Cancer door, you open a new range of possibilities with many more doors. That the bad does not blind you, that it does not make you stay in a place that is not worthy of your essence because you are worth more than all that. Do not dwell on the matter too much and accept that everything always happens for a very good reason, and even if you see it all black, hold on to the idea that something much better will come in its place. Take risks, move from where you are, try and experiment far from all Cancer.

Open a new stage wherever you want, with whoever you want and in the healthiest way possible, but away from all the memories that left a negative mark on you. Away from all the toxic shit that stayed in that place that brings you so much longing. For your heart to heal properly, give it love in every way. Nothing Cancer, where you feel affection and enjoy.

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