Why the Aquarius Heart Hasn't Healed Yet?


It is time to negotiate a good plan to calm the fire that burns you inside when your heart does not have a good time Aquarius. That craving that devours you inside is what makes you bad, that anger that runs through your veins is the culprit that you continue to feel pain. In order for your heart to heal as it really deserves, you have to work very hard and stop wondering when, where and why. Don’t ask yourself questions that you know don’t have clear answers. Do not eat your head for something that was written in fate Aquarius.

People have a very wrong concept of your heart, but what people think, think and say to you has to go in one ear and out the other.

Instead of wasting time being a private detective to figure out all the points to understand the breakup, invest that same time in positive and productive things for your rebirth. If you look back to remember and think about everything that was and could not be, you are not letting your heart be renewed as it should. Everyone is responsible for their actions even if Aquarius does not want to recognize it and if in your case, it was not you who was at fault, do not be upset, because the person who hurt you will turn it off.

You know that karma acts in due time, that sometimes it takes a long time, but it always comes, so do not waste a day on something as negative as revenge and take advantage of every minute to be reborn again and move on. Every second Aquarius counts, every attempt you make to forget counts so much more. Stop hurting yourself by asking yourself all the time and start hurting yourself with laughter.  Learn to laugh at life and take advantage of every second of it with people who you know really love you. Love can wait Aquarius, because to get back in the ring again, you have to love yourself much more than anyone else.

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