Why Should You Be Proud to Be a Virgo?


Dear Virgo friend, as modest and humble as you are, asking yourself what you are most proud of would be a bit of a waste of time. And if you bring out your perfectionist and detail-oriented streak, we could be here for hours to make a shortlist. That it would be perfect, we are sure, but let’s do it another way.
With your permission and that of your brilliant intelligence, we have taken the liberty of making the list ourselves. Lots of little things to be proud of. You will do it? Do it, if only on the inside. Or open up, stop being so discreet and modest and say: THAT’S ME. OLE.

Virgo, be proud:

• Because being so perfectionist you get to finish matters that others leave half out of boredom or lack of perseverance.
• Because there is no one who comes to you asking for help and does not have it (indeed, surely they also end up taking great advice that will serve them for life).
• Because thinking that everything can be improved is a good motto to get up every morning. And that’s what you do on a daily basis. Thinking something like that should be done by everyone else.
• Because knowing how to polish the details a lot makes you especially suitable for certain jobs. That not everyone could do. Nor finish. Neither do them well. Almost perfect.
• Because you do not get a solution to a problem, but many solutions to the same problem. And that each one chooses the one they like the most.

• Because if there is something that does not work, you fix it. And if it works well, you make it work even better.
• Because you criticize a lot, but always in a constructive way. And those people who through your criticism have managed to improve their life, their work, or a relationship can attest to that.
• Because when you are not clear about something, you take your time to act. And while your mind is a frenzied computer with a thousand algorithms that are going to give birth to something big. Who knows what, but it will work. That’s for sure.
• Because you do everything possible so that your criticisms serve to improve something.
• Because when there is a serious matter to analyze, the first person to look for is you because of your good sense and realism. For your logical and practical sense.

• Because wherever you go you stand out for your brilliant, direct, entertaining, and intelligent conversation.
• Because you are surprised when you don’t appear to have a treasure like the one you have in your head.
• From your point of view, they are very ingenious, especially if they have to do with some people you know. You always nail it in all the appraisals you make.
• Because you are modest, really modest, and that virtue is not as appreciated as it should be.
• Because you know how to be alone, and you even like it a little more than usual. But whoever looks for you will always find you. And that is a wonderful thing.

• Because whoever wants to convince you of something can do it. You are flexible. But do it with evidence and arguments, please.
• Because you don’t want to hurt others and you change your “criticisms” for making “little observations”.
• Because you are consistent.
• Because any conversation or reading becomes knowledge and experience inside you.
• Because you are an unconditional friend. And no matter how much you talk about your friends, sometimes better than others, they have you for whatever is the true reality.

• Because you are faithful like few others. And if they let you make your case for it, many would stop doing it. Fully convinced by you (when are you going to tell the others?).
• Because sexually you are… this… you are a pearl inside an oyster. And you know.

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