Why Should You Be Proud to Be a Taurus?


Dear Taurus friend. If someone asked you what you are most proud of in the way you are, you would surely answer everything. But let no one think that it is cockiness or vanity. You would answer that and something else: I am what I am, and it is what there is. And the thing is that Taurus has such clear and fixed ideas that he knows what he is like, he accepts himself and is not thinking of changing the bad but neither of boasting about the good. We wouldn’t change much in you either, Taurus. Stay calm. We have been making a relationship of everything that you should be proud of and the truth is that the list is like staying very close to you. And so gladly!

Taurus, be proud:

• Because when it comes to working you are responsible and constant (and you also value all that in others).
• Because you use your patience and your intelligence to make the right decisions. And also, you maintain and defend them no matter what happens.
• Because whoever is close to you, as a friend or as a partner, once they have earned your trust, will have a Taurus for life (and they can be proud that you have chosen them).
• Because you know how to get the most out of everything that works. Where others get bored and want to change for the sake of change, you exploit all the possibilities.
• Because you don’t like to improvise or go around changing ideas, plans, friends, work ... For you, doing the opposite is not good. And you have many arguments to prove it.

• Because your people are the most to you. And you defend them to the death. Your family feels protected with you, your friends supported and the person you love loved to death.
• Because you like the security that material things offer and that leads you to create very welcoming environments at home or at work. Both in the decoration and for the harmony in the environment.
• Because those who are by your side in the good and in the bad will always have you: in the good, the bad, the worst, the worst of the worst ... they will ALWAYS have you.
• Because your stubbornness is not a defect but a virtue. It is a firmness to defend what you want or what you think.
• Because you are the perfect ally when others want to defend an idea that is the same as you have.

• Because the word pleasure was invented with you in mind. You ask for it and you need it but it is when you give it, it is to die for ... with pleasure!
• Because in love you offer impressive security and stability (which we all want, no matter how much we ask for adventure and madness).
• Because you are very careful when choosing your friends, and for everything in general: loves, jobs, investments ...
• Because offering a stable relationship does not mean that your partner will be bored. Nothing about that. Passion and sensual bullfighting sex hook.
• Because you know how to manage money perfectly, and shut up those who may accuse you of being a bit of a rat. Good that they get close to you and your financial stability when you have it!

• Because your taste for aesthetics and the good things in life makes you a perfect company both for going out of museums and enjoying a good meal, as well as being a host and preparing your home so that no one wants to leave it soon.
• Because you can be possessive but not as possessive as losing a partner you love to death. In that case, you will see a bit of the possessive duster but the one that likes and makes the other feel very protected and pampered.
• Because your nickname could be The Rock. For stable, for strong, for hard if necessary. And because you are always like that, whatever time passes, and whatever age you are.
• Because you raise the self-esteem of those who are close to you for being a tremendously grateful person with the generosity and details of others.
• Because you give your friends special treatment but with acquaintances, you are also kind and polite.

• Because you don’t go running to look for changes or to receive news, but if they arrive and are well-argued and reasoned… why not?
• Because when it comes to sex, your power and intensity are combined with sensuality and affection. Ufff!
• Because your loyalty is what inspires most of the romantic movies that we all like so much.
• Because you like comfort so much that when you have it, you create a good roll around you that no one dares or wants to spoil.
• Because you are someone so practical that in any job you are a fundamental piece. An irreplaceable piece for many.

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