Why Should You Be Proud to Be a Scorpio?


Dear Scorpio friend, we have been told out there that you do not like being complimented or spoken of well. Not even that much is said about you. We know that it is for something more complicated than modesty and discretion. And that is not to maintain your air of mystery (the one that comes out unintentionally, we already know). But we believe that everything we are going to tell here is not false flattery, nor does it hide any ulterior motive or threaten your privacy. They are just small details about the best of yourself. Take them as a gift. Or as a boost to your self-esteem. But accept them, please.

Scorpio, be proud:

• Because you are clear about your goals and only allow yourself to be flexible in the energy you put into them or in the strategy to follow.
• Because your outer toughness hides a big heart that empathizes very well with others.
• Because you combine your most sensitive part with great strength to get what you want.
• Because you feed on your achievements and the more achievements you achieve, the more prepared you are to go on and on, and on…
• Because you play with your power to control the enemy. You show yourself or you hide, you rebel more or you keep quiet a lot.

• Because you would rather have good friends than have many. And the relationship that you establish with them is for life (except for those betrayals that you do not forgive, but that is another story).
• Because you put passion in everything. And when we say everything, it is everything. From the time you get up until you go to bed. And all that passion makes you live intensely.
• Because everything you feel is so noticeable that others know well what to expect (fuck the air of mystery when what is at stake is that others KNOW WHAT YOU FEEL).
• Because you have the ability to transform yourself and transform everything. And it is not always manipulation. To be clear.
• Because you are very easy to get to know people and that helps a lot in relationships. And let no one think of the burden that that can be for you. It is a pleasure that you exercise as much as you can.

• Because when you protect yours, you do it once and that’s enough. There is no enemy who returns twice to “try to rob your house”.
• Because you see a part of the interior of people that almost no one sees.
• Because you are the perfect lover (and here it is better not to give more details. We would not go on the subject).
• Because you like to fight head-on. No surprises or betrayals from behind. You always have to look into the enemy’s eyes.
• Because you do not care to the limit that you reach the suffering. You know that you will survive, even if you pass it by. You always come back from the other side.

• Because you care about others. And although many of them don’t know it, you do. And you’re going to keep worrying about them.
• Because you are never a burden to anyone. You are but you always keep a distance that gives a lot of freedom to those around you.
• Because even if you are a good opponent, before entering to fight, you do everything possible to avoid the fight.
• Because you are loyal to death (and the only thing you would like is for others to know what it means to be truly loyal. Since they don’t know it, they don’t value it).
• Because others fall in love with you when they have sex with you (even if you are fed up with the subject, don’t tell us that it is not cool to have that power?).

• Because when you open up, it is because you have begun to trust. And from trusting you can go on to wanting much more.
• Because you know how to exploit spirituality even in the most frivolous and superficial things.
• Because you can complement yourself perfectly with the strongest or the weakest. You are strong in some things and weak in others. So you know well what each one needs. And you give it to him.
• Because you work more than many and you boast little of it (in general, you don’t boast of anything. What you see is what there is. That’s what you think, that’s what you say, and then everyone with wondering about you).
• Because you have so many answers to so many questions that if you had had more time in this life, you would have used it to earn money (but you have to feel and live, and that doesn’t leave you time for many more things).

• Because you have a stupid detector inside and you don’t let any of them get closer than two meters from you.
• Because you are able to read all this, smile inside and not say anything to anyone (although you will think: I knew it).

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