Why Should You Be Proud to Be a Sagittarius?


Dear Sagittarius friend, what we want to list for you today is a whole arsenal of virtues of which you can be very proud. You were born with many of them, but there are others that you have developed throughout your life. Because you never stop exploring and searching, every day you get something new and good from yourself. For your benefit and that of others. With this list, we wanted to be honest. Everything in it is the plain truth. Because we know that you like sincerity in a big way. And that when it comes to talking about your defects, you will like it just as we are very sincere.

Sagittarius, be proud:

• Because on a day-to-day basis, you are one of those easy-going people, always smiling, optimistic and cheerful. Your company is a pleasure.
• Because where others are less daring, you are brave, you always risk and win.
• Because your optimism makes you see everything in its best face, but when it fails you, then you trust in good luck. And you end up finding it. Of course not!
• Because you know how to compensate for your shortcomings with your intelligence.
• Because you never stop learning and you are very curious. You are always wondering and permeating everything. And everything is staying in your coconut. That is why you are a master at almost everything you do.

• Because you make many people feel important by wanting to share their humble experiences with them. That for you they are a treasure.
• Because when it comes to living intensely, you are infallible. That is why so many people who want adventure stick to you. They will find her, by land, sea, and air ... and in bed!
• Because an obstacle for you is a challenge to overcome to move forward.
• Because your sense of freedom is the one that everyone wants to have but does not dare to ask for. The one everyone dreams of. And it comes out as easy for you as your breath.
• Because you speak the truth to the face. Without hesitation. Sometimes rough, but sometimes, it’s the best way to call things by their name.

• Because you make those who are discouraged regain good spirits thanks to your good vibes. Either with your advice, a good plan, or with your permanent smile.
• Because when something gets difficult, you turn it around with simple and forceful arguments and approaches that always make others think this: how could this not occur to me?
• Because you are always motivated. But if you happen to miss a dose, you find it quickly.
• Because every time something slows you down, it is only to strengthen yourself and move forward in a better way to achieve success.
• Because wherever you go, such a level of enthusiasm comes with you that you have to distribute it among those addicted to you who already know your virtues, and among all those who have heard of them and want to try them.

• Because a problem is just a situation to be solved. No more no less.
• Because the worst in life is just something that will make you appreciate the best in life.
• Because you are the best medicine of the soul for those who are low in spirits. You can give conversation, make jokes, organize a plan or do a pirouette if necessary. Marvelous!
• Because a mistake is not a failure, it is a step towards success.
• Because you live to love freely, enjoying every good moment and putting away all the bad ones. And in relationships in general, you are not clingy at all and give as much freedom as you ask for.

• Because you are a healthy person, with good habits, with a healthy body and a free mind. Someone reliable, transparent ... good people.
• Because those who travel with you have the opportunity to enjoy double everything. For your knowledge, for your experience, for your enthusiasm, for your adventurous side, for your search for the most unknown ...
• Because to those who give you freedom, you give whatever they ask of you in return.
• Because your faith moves mountains.
• Because you make life seem easier than it is.
• Because what many consider good luck, for you is having the right attitude to fight in life. And what is that attitude? EVERYTHING you just read here.

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