Why Should You Be Proud to Be a Pisces?


Dear Pisces friend, you are so used to listening to others that you leave little time and energy to look inside yourself. To value yourself more and feel proud of a lot of virtues with which you were born. And from another lot that you have been gaining over time. We are going to give you the attention you deserve. To give you the ear, yes, but they are sincere. To make it clear to you that you are special. And that those who see you differently, it is because they do not reach where you arrive. It’s called envy. Sana, they say. It’s the same. Let yourself be envious.

Pisces, be proud:

• For your big heart, your kindness, and your generosity. You give yourself to everyone, you and lots of your understanding to everyone.
• For your ability to dream and to have illusions. For your fantasies. Because with all this you can bear reality in a different way than others face it. And you always end up seeing the good side of what does not have it. Pisces, take pride in being able to see the world in a different way.
• Because in love you are loyal and wonderful (what a pity that not everyone is the same). And your delivery has nothing to do with practicality, with being interested, or with seeking a material goal.
• Because of your ability to listen and empathize with others, virtues with which you were born, and that in any case, you perfect every day. Because in addition to being there, very close, you try to help them as much as you can.
• Because of your sensitivity. And that because of her you also soak up the suffering of others. But in return, you are someone caring and altruistic, compassionate and involved.

• Because you are constant in love, you stand firm in the good and in the bad, and you don’t run away at the first change.
• Because you show what you feel with gestures and words. Nothing about letting the other person break their heads to know what you feel.
• For your kind, smiling, fun, and discreet attitude that makes everyone feel good around you. And with those who are closest to you, take pride in being someone who is helpful, respectful, and empathetic.
• Because you don’t make anyone’s time bitter when you’re discouraged. You retire to your world and hope (you would love) to be sought out and welcomed. And they pamper you a lot.
• For your creativity working or doing anything. For creating or building something always in an unconventional way.

• Because you create calm environments wherever you are. Do not fuel competitiveness in anyone. And if by chance the environment is not the right one, you work well and you don’t use that as an excuse.
• Because you don’t put limits on feeling intensely. You always get to the bottom and get past the superficial relationships.
• Because you let yourself be carried away by everyone, and you become the perfect companion for leaders.
• Because you are open to everything new in sex, to experimenting with new practices, to give the other pleasure before thinking about your own, to put your imagination at full throttle, and to let yourself go where the other wants to take you.
• Because you are wonderfully romantic and you are able to offer the person you want a world of fantasy and emotions as they could never imagine.

• For your ability to get excited.
• Because you can dream, and in fact, it is what you like the most, but if you have to get off the cloud and put your batteries on, you do it without any problem.
• Because sometimes you care more about others than about yourself. That is not good at all for you, but it is to be proud, really.
• Because you are not possessive or vindictive.
• Because when you do something, you are responsible and you comply well.

• Because if they give you autonomy and flexibility, you are capable of embroidering everything you do. And you are not looking for any interest either. Or maybe you do have one: that your work is valued.
• Because you can work alone and do it well, but if someone asks for your help, you don’t mind leaving what you’re doing alone to collaborate together.
• Because your knowledge of feelings and emotions makes you connect with others in a special, spiritual way. Almost unique. Enviable.
• Because you are tremendously intuitive and have a powerful imagination. A mixture that is well used will lead you to live life differently.

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