Why Should You Be Proud to Be a Libra?


Dear Libra friend. A few times you will find written so many things about you so wonderful, and what is better, so fair. And it has been a pleasure to write them, to discover you a little more; In addition to knowing that we were going to give you great joy for giving you something like that. You always walk on several fronts trying to be good with everyone and for harmony to reign. Well, we have done this job for you. Enjoy these lines about yourself. Only that. There are no tips, there are no decisions to make. It is pure contemplation. It’s all for your pride.

Libra, be proud:

• Because even when someone hurts you or a love leaves you, you keep the type, you continue to be nice to that person and the word resentment you don’t even know what it means.
• Because you are surprising being so strong when everyone thinks that you only have one face: the sweet, diplomatic one and the one that always knows how to be there without giving a war…
• Because you worry that there are good vibes among the people and a good atmosphere in all the places where you are, live or work.
• Because you fight for your things, but if there is someone nearby who wants the same, you are able to lean your shoulder to his to achieve the common goal and share the benefit.
• Because you move so delicately even when competing that everyone ends up helping you win.

• Because your friends always find in you a perfect companion for any plan.
• Because when you do something that can have consequences, you always think about whether you are going to hurt someone.
• Because you get what you want with your charm. But it is that you also hide behind your charm to achieve even more things.
• Because you compensate for your indecision by making some decisions whose success rate is 99%. Slow but safe. Or rather, not so fast but 100% safe.
• Because where no one saw a possible solution between two parties, you arrive and with that, I don’t know what you have, you get the agreement.

• Because you win over people in a way that many don’t explain.
• Because when you take charge of a job or matter, you work the most, you are fair with your colleagues and you also give good vibes.
• Because in very tense situations, your temperance helps to relax the environment. And it serves as calm for those who get upset very easily.
• Because others always find in you the best advice to improve their appearance, their manners or the way they act.
• Because you can be fast if you have to, but you prefer to be constant. And the proof is in what you get. Which is always a lot.

• Because before condemning anyone, you like to know what their opinion and position are.
• Because you are fair to others. You criticize and praise in equal parts, and you are not influenced by anything.
• Because you are so sociable that you always have problems with friends or partners for being invited to everything. And they don’t.
• Because your great asset in communication is having an irony that can disarm those who have an encyclopedia inside their head.
• Because when necessary, you break the rules, you leave, you give two voices or you send a few very far away (all this only if necessary, but as a power, I think you can).

• Because they look for you for what they look for, if you have it, you give it, if not, you always find a way to please them all.
• Because you are the perfect antidote to bullies, people who create bad vibes, and those who only live to argue.
• Because you are able both to see the different points of view of something and to help others to see them as well.
• Because as a good social animal that gets along well with everyone, you also adapt to any change arising from your relationships (even if it is not something you like, but you do it if necessary).
• Because you don’t try to change people. You accept them as they are. And you can dream that they change in what you like least, but never force yourself to do anything.

• Because your optimism is not explosive but of the kind that must be continually generated (which has more merit than the one who is born optimistic and has that virtue like blonde hair).
• Because having such an easy character generates a very pure and calm inward energy. And your spirit is enviable for all this.

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