Why Should You Be Proud to Be a Leo?


Dear friend Leo. What you are going to read now you will like. We are going to talk about you, extensively. And all are good things. What are you already licking your lips? Do it. But it was about listing the virtues of which Leos can be proud. And we have had it very easy. And above all, knowing that we are going to be able to treat you, makes us feel even better. Get comfortable, enjoy this relationship, and do not delay forwarding it to all your contacts. We attest that everything you say here is the absolute truth.

Leo, be proud:

• Because when you take care of any matter, you do it with such confidence that the rest of those involved feel relieved to know that they are in your hands (and a bit envious too).
• Because whoever gives you 10 will receive 100. Or rather 1,000. Or more. Your ability to deliver is amazing. And in return, you do not ask so much (only that what you are given is something exclusive created or felt only for you).
• Because you get everything you want. Really, make it clear to everyone. LEO GETS EVERYTHING YOU WANT.
• Because when you work you do it to death, but on top of that, you put enthusiasm and happiness in it that anyone would say that you won the lottery or that you are taking a walk through a meadow full of flowers.
• Because you are worth both to do the job yourself and to delegate to other people that they are the one to do it.

Because your generosity is commented on a universal level. And that’s because it is not normal. Yours is noteworthy.
• Because in your heart there is no evil. You make a lot of noise when you get angry and rant, but in the end, what you hide in your chest is big, very big.
• Because you turn out to be the most tender when you give four voices because you want to go to your ball, and deep down, you cannot be alone or without the love yours.
• Because when it comes to facing you, you know how to distinguish between the true enemies and those who are only weak and vulnerable. With the latter, you do not spend a hair.
• Because when you get jealous in matters of love and then you get over it, you get movie reconciliations. You act like there really is a camera (best of all, what you do you really feel).

• Because you like stable relationships and you are one of those who commit. And if you are not clear, you make your honesty clear. But you don’t fool anyone or eat their ear to get small battles. You are in love, you want to win the war.
• Because you don’t know how to lie. And that lack of evil means that you can be forgiven for anything.
• Because you shine socially and also, you make others shine by your side as well.
• Because there is something valuable in you that makes others presume that you love them, or that you work with them, or that you are from their family or a good friend.
• Because you are so detailed that those who are the subject of your details will become addicted to them. And when they no longer have them, they will sigh for all that they had.

• Because you are warm when the situation is tense.
• Because your ability to protect those you love is listed on the stock market (along with Taurus and Cancer).
• Because you are a bit wasteful, but coincidentally, it is usually to buy things for others (does anyone have a complaint?).
• Because even when situations are not favorable for you, you know how to come out of them with your head held high, dignified, and proud. Earning the respect of your worst enemies.
• Because your self-esteem is high and that always favors you, but also those around you (let no one confuse this self-esteem with vanity. Vanity is something else and you are vain, Leo, but we’ll talk about that when we touch on the defects you should be least proud of).

• Because everything you do you do with energy: you undertake something, spend, hug, pamper, sing, have sex, travel ...
• Because when you get dramatic, if the thing is not serious, the one you have in front of the only thing you have You want to shut your mouth ... but eating you with kisses!
• Because deep down in everything you show on the outside, there is a lot of desire to feel like a better person on the inside.
• Because you show your feelings with such honesty and sincerity that you make it very easy for those interested.
• Because you defend yours like a real lion. A lion and his pride. Perfect cliche for Leo. Perfect gift and pride for those of your sign.

• Because in confrontations you go from the front, never from the back. And when you leave, you don’t leave anything behind you either. Out with grudges.
• Because you skip routines and you like spontaneity, and if it’s working more.
• Because you are so noble because you are worth it ...

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