Why Should You Be Proud to Be a Gemini?


Dear Gemini friend. Stop a bit we want to tell you something. Have you ever thought about what things about yourself make you most proud? For sure YES. Although the safest thing is that before thinking about them for yourself, all your friends and acquaintances have discovered them. As we are among those friends and acquaintances, we have taken the liberty of collecting all those comments and opinions and making a list of your strengths. And we get enough! You already expected it, right? If you are very intelligent, and you know it, Gemini, I think so.

Gemini, be proud:

• For your thousand faces. That makes you an extremely interesting, fun, sociable person with many experiences to contribute to any relationship you have.
• For being outgoing and friendly and facilitating contact with all those more shy people. That when they find you, they immediately relax and bring out the best in themselves.
• Because you are surprised when you put aside your most sociable and superficial face to be someone deep and with a great capacity for reflection and analysis.
• Because you get your friends to always end up forgiving you for your changes, your coming and going, your need to sometimes go through everything ... come on, what do you make them forgive you for everything.
• Because although you tend to get bored, you also have the ability to change reality and make it more interesting. And if necessary, you even laugh at yourself.

• Because you do magic by making up some excuses, which always slip through. A blessed gift that has saved you from so many.
• Because you are a master at flirting and gambling. And the others, more than getting angry, what they want is for you to flirt and play with them.
• Because you want to learn everything, know everything, and rush each experience of life as if it were the last.
• Because your intelligence is a treasure. It helps you to learn, to win, to meet people, to fall in love ...
• Because you have the gift of words. And even when you shut up, you communicate in some way. And you transmit. And you make things feel.

• Because you are transparent and sincere. Others can always know what you think or want. IF they do not know, it is because you are interested in hiding it. But you control everything.
• Because when you are looking for love, you are not one of those demanding people who also do not give. You ask for intelligence and fun, and you give that and much more.
• Because you achieve with an interesting conversation that any meeting is. And you help those who have to express themselves to become looser.
• Because even if the day is cloudy, you put a smile on it. And when it’s time to shed a tear, it will only be to download a little bit.
• Because you meet people even in the desert. And anyone will end up being a friend, a work contact, an adventure partner, or a partner.

• Because you have so many concerns that your calendar is full of notes. Or rather, you skip the agenda because you can’t keep up with writing down plans and appointments. Your schedule goes with you in your head.
• Because you make any change only see the positive part. You see it that way and you get others to see it that way. And the negative? It will be seen and resolved. No problem.
• Because your ideas are usually brilliant, but if not, you convince anyone that they are. And you believe so much that they really are, that they end up being. Result: your ideas are brilliant. It’s the same as we said at the beginning.
• Because you control more than you appear and order is very present in your head. Let no one is confused.
• Because of your tolerance towards all people, whatever their age, whatever they are, where they are from, and whatever they think.

• Because you put so much emotion into feelings and decorate them with the right words, that there is no person who can resist you.
• Because you sell yourself like nobody else, you sell to others, you sell plans, laughter, and joy… you are a seller of life, optimism, and freedom.
• Because you know people and you know what they want when they interact with you.
• Because you are an expert in de-dramatizing situations and making the environment and people relax. As if by magic.
• Because you turn a deaf ear to many of the nonsense that people blurt out without thinking because you are a strong Gemini.

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