Why Should You Be Proud to Be a Capricorn?


Dear Capricorn friend, with how practical you are, we are imagining you reading us and thinking: And all this, what is it for? Well, it helps you read in front of you that you have many good things. Many. It serves so that others learn to know you better, and above all, it serves so that they can value you. And it serves us as a tribute to you. We like to research out there to meet all the signs of the Zodiac. And with you we always find some great surprises, something that makes us smile and think: look at him, he is so serious and it turns out that he can be very careful playful. Do you smile That is good? It is what we wanted.

Capricorn, be proud:

• Because you know how to be so persistent that you always achieve what you want in your life. Even when it comes to just getting away with it.
• Because you have a character that serves in life to be leaders. Good leaders, too.
• Because there is a part of you that knows very well how to connect with others. If you don’t do it anymore it’s because you don’t want to.
• Because you know how to keep cool enough to control everything but also so that what you are thinking or what you want to do is not noticed.
• Because even if it seems that something can beat you, you always end up winning the game.

• Because you are an optimistic realist. Optimism makes you see things well even if they are not right. And you want to see things as they are. After that, you will make sure they turn out well!
• Because for you life is many paths to take. If one fails, another is taken. Although by chance, you take one and you usually end up with the one where you started.
• Because for you there is not one opportunity in life, but many. And they are all there to catch them.
• Because you are hard-working, discreet, and firm.
• Because you are surprised when you break the rules and do something crazy.

• Because seeing enemies on all sides keeps you on your toes. And when you stay alert, you are prepared, you are in control and you can be successful (we have put “can” so you don’t believe it too much, but deep down it is “achieve success”).
• Because you make it a virtue to stay cold to what others think.
• Because when it comes to planning, if you are not around, it is better than whatever is not done. It won’t turn out as well without you.
• Because you are one of the few who can be friends with your enemies. Respect in the fight unites a lot.
• Because your capacity for sacrifice is so great that as long as you are alive anything goes.

• Because you are so serious about doing a puzzle well, like getting a 10 on an exam, like launching your company on the stock market. Everything is important to you. Everything has to be done well.
• Because as you win one test, you grow to win the next. And as you lose a test, you grow up to be the last time that happens.
• Because you can be fearful but still be brave. You work like this: even if you are afraid, you never stop.
• Because you demand that you be respected, but you almost impose yourself more to respect others.
• Because although you are not an expert in cutting off toxic relationships, you know that they are toxic, that they are there, you are not stupid but if you can do it, and sooner or later, it will end, you will cut your losses.

• Because you are the walking example of the famous “nerves of steel”. You have them and they are useful to you, but they are perfectly controlled.
• Because your ambition gives you good things. And when someone manages to get something good out of something that is not so good (ambition), it is to be proud, right?
• Because you stand up for what you believe in. Others make excuses, go around, and do not show their faces. If someone asks you, you make it clear that yes, you are like that. And what happens?
• Because you mislead the staff by making them believe that you are only focused on your work. And that’s not true. You are focused on everything that matters to you in life: partner, friends, and whatever.
• Because you know how to take advantage of time. And in doing so, your days areas if they have more hours than others. And by having more hours, you do more things. And you are happy about it.
• Because in love you are so solid that other signs see someone in you with whom they feel safe. Because you have an extraordinary value, for everything.

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