Why Should You Be Proud to Be a Cancer?


Dear Cancer friend. We know how proud you are of your relationships with others. Because you give a lot and others look for you because they need you. But we are not going to focus on this topic, where there would be much more to say, right? What we want now is to know what else about you you are very proud of. But we don’t want you to do anything. It is a gift that we bring to you. And we are the ones who are going to tell you those other things that you can be proud of. Some we already knew but many others we have just discovered. And they are to eat you with kisses!

Cancer, be proud:

• Because your sensitivity makes you empathize with people. And there is nothing better for anyone than feeling understood (among many other things, of course).
• Because you show a lot but you also hide a lot. And that is very good for some relationships or for work issues or issues to resolve.
• Because you are firm in your decisions, and that many believe that they will be able to convince you by your sensitive and calm disposition.
• Because all the people in your life, even if they are not family or friends, end up feeling very good around you.
• Because you are the perfect couple who remembers the date of the first kiss and every anecdote of the relationship. And because you are one of those who work hard to keep the relationship as alive as the first day.

• Because your memory should be sponsored by an important brand or protected by Greenpeace so that nothing ever happens to it.
• Because your friends know they will have you by their side even before they call you. You always go ahead, you sense that they need you and you run to their side.
• Because every day you work hard so that your mood swings affect the people you love as little as possible.
• Because even if you go through hard times or have problems or whatever, you never fail yours. You are always there for them.
• Because you have a great capacity to be happy.

• Because when you get to a new place, you are able to keep the names of everyone they present to you.
• Because you are a movie romantic. Sweet and faithful. And that everyone likes.
• Because you are perfect as a company for those who want attention, pampering, and care.
• Because you have a great initiative. And that’s your great secret weapon. When everyone trusts each other thinking that you are one of those who stand still or go backward. Zach!
• Because when you put all your intention into solving something, you end up finding the solution.

• Because you have an intuition that is like a bulldog. When it gets going, there’s no trail you don’t follow. And you always get where you wanted.
• Because you create movie homes, where everyone feels good and loved. Of those who make others envy.
• Because you commit yourself to death.
• Because you have learned to live with your emotions, enjoying them or accepting them when they make you suffer for being too intense.
• Because when you join a group, first of all, you worry about how the people who are part of it feel.

• Because you know how to encourage anyone through support and listening.
• Because you prefer your enemies to be cruel to you to any small damage that those you love may suffer.
• Because you are an expert in giving second chances. And many times, it is what we all deserve in life. And there you are, dear Cancer.
• Because even if you sink or are sad, it does not last long. And at the moment comes your other face, that of someone happy and who cares for everyone.
• Because you know how to hide your emotions so they don’t hurt you. And you hide them so well that that is something that in the long run gives you strength.

• Because with simple detail and two loving words, whoever approaches you seeking to encourage you will do so easily. You do NOT need to have a whole entourage behind trying to make you smile.
• Because you keep many good surprises inside you. Those who begin to know you do not even imagine what is behind those sensitive and dreamy eyes.
• Because your home is everyone’s home. You know when you arrive, but not when you are going to leave. It is so comfortable in it!
• Because you kiss like nobody else. And if not, ask who you’ve kissed. And even if they don’t answer you, take a good look at their face. Says it all, right?

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