Why Should You Be Proud to Be a Aries?


Dear Aries friend. Luckily we made this list without asking you because only if we had announced it to you, you would have already been rushing us. And you love reading about yourself, being the center of attention. Very in your childish style. And as noble as it is grateful. Now we have here for you all that pile of adornments of your person with which you should feel very proud. We are imagining your big smile when we read this. You will like everything. Some things you did not know and you are going to start with a go, it’s true! Well, let’s go!

Aries, be proud:

• Because when you combine your leadership skills, your momentum, and your speed, you get to be the first of the first. Come on, you’re out.
• Because with you there are no impossible projects or brakes to achieve them. No matter the time of day, fatigue, or lack of support. You roll up your sleeves and push even with your head.
• Because you are surprised when you can leave your inconstancy and fight for something without stopping until you get it.
• Because you never leave anyone with the doubt of knowing something. If they ask you, you will answer. And if they don’t ask you, you will say what you think anyway.
• Because of your great courage, your bravery (although these would have been better understood in other times past).

• Because you make it very easy for others to be honest (even at the cost of hurting you with what they tell you).
• Because you are able to be reborn and recycle where no one was already betting on you. You are like the bad guy in the movie who revives over and over again (although you’re not bad and if you get shot, you die, but thinking about what will hurt).
• Because in extreme situations, your speed can be essential to ensure that the situation is not a disaster.
• Because all your strength is going through your mouth (thank goodness). The hard way, you say everything you think; but it passes quickly if someone asks you for forgiveness or caresses you.
• Because with romantic relationships, you are very good at speeding up to make them happen or ending them, closing them, and throwing the key into the river.

• Because on vacation you are the friend who organizes everything, who gets up first to plan the day to day of the group and goes to bed last, checking the details, reviewing the day, and preparing the next.
• Because your anger in matters of love is very disproportionate (horror) but once you calm down, they bring reconciliations also disproportionate (this time for the better).
• Because when you have to, you get up before they put the streets on and you start working when there is still no traffic.
• Because sometimes your impatience and speed prevent you from stopping to think or be afraid. And you get what you would not have if you had done otherwise.
• Because you have the ability to be on several fronts at the same time. And if one fails, then you have another (like someone who distributes their investment in the Stock Market and never loses everything).

• Because your enthusiasm and enthusiasm help you to separate certain people from your life: all those who steal your illusions and take away your enthusiasm. Eye by eye, tooth by tooth.
• Because your capacity to forgive is as great as your anger. Long live the law of compensation!
• Because as a lover you are capable of everything: where quality is lacking, you put quantity, where quantity is lacking, you put enthusiasm, where enthusiasm is lacking, you take it out of your hat.
• Because your pride helps you to bear the sticks of life. It makes you stronger and justifies you (and if it doesn’t justify you, you justify yourself).
• Because before the wounds of any defeat have healed you are already fighting to win another battle (you are only someone strong who can endure what comes to him).

• Because you are so independent that all your strength comes from you. You are enough and you have plenty to pull forward, (well, with some help, but basically, you don’t need anyone else).
• Because you are an expert in freeing yourself from some burdens from the past, fear, or grudges. Out with luggage, and fly!
• Because of your spontaneity and freshness help in many rarefied and stale situations.
• Because you smile if you are alone; you like your independence. But you also smile if you are accompanied; you like people and their company makes you happy.
• Because you know how to back down if you really see that you have hurt someone (but you have to see it, you don’t trust crocodile tears too much).

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