Why Should You Be Proud to Be a Aquarius?


Dear Aquarius friend. Your mind is always at a thousand revolutions, especially envisioning the future and rushing the novelty. You are very busy, we know that. Therefore, surely you have not stopped to think about yourself. In how you are. And above all, what are you most proud of in your way of being. But you can go your way of original and wonderful genius. We have done the work for you. And we are going to tell you what you can be most proud of. Much by the way. And even those who do not usually see the virtues of others, you will have to surrender yours before. And without discussion!

Aquarius, be proud:

• For having an open mind to everything, for embracing everything new that comes to you, and for not being afraid of changes or challenges. Because you are smart, creative, and curious.
• Because you act with your head and reason your emotions so that they do not control your life. You don’t cry the first time that happens, but you can be honest with whoever you see has a sincere interest in what you feel.
• Because you are good at talking about any topic.
• Because you are interested in the problems of the most disadvantaged. And for getting involved and doing something, not just giving lip service to doing nothing later.
• Because you prefer to fight for your ideas to eat those of others. And because you defend being so unconventional, without fear of what they will say or any pressure or imposition.

• Because you respect people and don’t stick your nose in their personal life. Because you give people the confidence to talk about anything but above all, you respect how they live, work, or what they do with their lives.
• Because you never get tired of learning, investigating, reading, exploring, knowing something new, reviewing and discarding the old, living new experiences…
• Because when you don’t like something, you are able to put distance so that it does not contaminate you, bore you, imprison you or hook you. But you will come back quickly if someone wants to reason anything with you.
• Because you know how to give your partner freedom, just as you want it for yourself. And because instead of talking about love, you show it to him. But with facts, not with exaggerated emotions.
• Because people interest you because of what they have in mind. From his heart, you settle for knowing that he is generous.

• For having very personal opinions, for holding them, for defending them, and for questioning everything that others take for granted. In addition to helping them to open up more and to think for themselves.
• Because you are a free person and you rebel against what makes you feel that you are not. You do not accept the rules that you do not understand, and unless they are imposed on you.
• Because you don’t like doing the same thing all the time and because you know you like some extravagances (and you laugh to see how some people criticize you for doing something that they would never dare to do).
• Because you are a good friend to your friends. You are glad of the good that happens to them and you try to help them when they are bad. And you give them guidelines to solve their problems when you see that they only know how to regret but do nothing accordingly.
• Because you are everyone’s friend, you don’t judge anyone, and everyone seems to you to have something special.

• Because you always show your face and don’t run away for fear of not facing something. And you never make stupid excuses, you prefer to tell the truth.
• Because friendship is a base in your life to grow in other relationships. If there is no friendship at the base, there can be nothing more important than that.
• Because you don’t waste time with mental scratches. You always go forward and try to do better. You don’t stop and think about whether you could have made it so or made it Easter.
• Because you are someone amazing.
• Because wherever you are you are not boring. And you always bring an interesting idea. And because even in the most intimate and spiritual of you, you are innovative and groundbreaking.

• Because you have vital concerns. And your head is abuzz with original, new, funny, crazy, surprising ideas… and serious and profound if necessary, too.
• Because you never lack people in your life, nor friends to be intimate, nor acquaintances to go out, nor do you need anyone to be well. You know how to be alone just as you know how to be accompanied.

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