Why should a cancer be a bestfriend?


There are millions of reasons why the crab takes the gold award for best friend in the zodiac. Having Cancer by your side is like having a talisman worth more than the most expensive jewel in the world. Next, we leave you small reasons that perfectly define Cancer’s friendship:

 He is a very attentive and kind person. Cancer will not judge you when you tell him about your problems, because he is very capable of making them his to help in whatever way. He even empathizes with the plants that are on the banks of the rivers, yes, but he also does it with the people he does not know so much ... He always tries to put himself in the shoes of the person in front of him, he is born that way ... It is very good friend because he understands that not everyone is the same. I would never put someone aside for being different ...

 His intuition and his gift of witchcraft are the perfect weapon that every best friend should have. Cancer prefers to let its people know when it knows something strange is happening. It is very common to hear phrases like “watch out for that person” or “I notice something is going to happen” from your mouth. The crab is very capable of detecting the undetectable without even having corroborating facts. His specialty is smelling falsehoods from miles away and seeing people’s souls through their gaze. It seldom fails….

 The crab is a lover of funny plans and improvised ones. He likes to travel, discover exceptional places and be able to share those experiences with his great friends. He likes to spend time in the company of his people, either calmly or wildly, but always laughing and with someone by his side. Cancer has a very funny side to it that hides behind its presentation label, which is shyness. At first it is like that, he cuts himself a lot for fear that others will feel very overwhelmed by his personality, but deep down he is pure dynamite.

Being lucky enough to be able to enjoy a Cancer best friend is a very enriching experience. The crab is more about caring about its people than about itself. Bad on his part, because then he suffers a lot because of this, but he is born to be that protective ... Nobody loves his friends like Cancer does, seriously, it is the family he chooses and the family he would be willing to go for to infinity and far beyond. All very “Buzz Light-year” yes, but Cancer is touching the possibility of becoming the superhero that every friendship should know sometime in their life.

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