Why Is the Greatest Defect for a Leo the Greatest Strength?


A young Leo is someone who insists that they stay by his side. He hates loneliness and needs someone to be by his side to feel complete. Many times you even need the world to revolve around you. Although on the outside he seems a very strong person and with clear ideas, on the inside he is not like that. Leo needs a lot of support to be who he is. You are self-confident, but you need someone to remind you every day that you can eat the world or whatever it takes. The young Leo needs people around him, he needs to feel loved, and he needs attention.

Leo hates loneliness because he feels vulnerable and not knowing where to go. That is why you need to be the center of attention, to feel surrounded and feel that you have all the attention you need.

The mature Leo has realized that he does not have to beg anyone to stay by his side. Leo has learned to be sure of himself without anyone being by his side. Now he radiates love, light, confidence and strength and that is what attracts others so much. That self-assurance that he has been achieving over time is what makes others come to him / her, because they want to feel that security that Leo has. Leo, now, has realized that the world does not revolve around anyone, least of all him / her. You have learned that the world revolves around the sun. This does not mean that Leo does not continue to like being the center of attention, because he does continue to like it. But now he does it unintentionally, now he doesn’t need to attract attention. Now Leo shines with his own light and does not need anyone to tell him how to shine.

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