Why is taurus such an intelligent sign?


Although it is difficult for Taurus himself to recognize it, it is true that it is one of the most intelligent signs of the Zodiac. Astrology does not claim that Taurus is one of the most mischievous and courageous signs when it comes to acting, but it has a very practical personality that makes it very intelligent. There is no way to calculate the intelligence of a person by measuring it according to the Zodiac sign under which they were born, but surely if you know more than one Taurus you can confirm that they are not stupid and useless at all but quite the opposite.

Taurus, like everyone else, has his things. He may be a little more lazy than the others, a bit stubborn, but when he knows exactly what to do, he doesn’t stop until he gets there. Taurus is much wiser than you can ever imagine. He is someone who always has a practical approach to life, has great common sense and can also be very emotionally intelligent. Yes, as you read it. Although you may think that he is a bit cold when it comes to expressing his emotions, in reality you can tell that intelligence by the way in which he decides to face different situations.

Each zodiac sign is smart in its own way. Some are good at some things and others, others. But Taurus could be said to be intelligent in almost every aspect of life.

His intelligence shines, above all, in the way in which he organizes himself, in which he establishes his life plans, in which he manages his money and his permanence.  Taurus manages to find that stability and security that he so badly needs. Taurus is ALWAYS playing it safe and that makes him very intelligent. It will only go in the direction it knows is correct. If you are going down a path that you know will not get results, you quickly find another path to go.

In addition, he is very intelligent in his relationships as well. Being its ruling planet Venus, the planet of love, of abundance, Taurus has a very kind character. He is a very compassionate person and really helps anyone in need.

This intelligence of the bull is also present when giving advice and supporting his friends and family. It is a sign that has lived a long time, which is very mature for its age. Perhaps because he is one of those who strives to give the best of himself. He knows a lot about life, he knows that nothing is easy and that you have to fight to get what you want. That is why their advice is worth more than a diamond. Really, if you have a Taurus by your side, you will know how intelligent they can be through those words full of experience, wisdom and maturity.

Being an Earth sign, your main objective is to have your feet on that “earth”.

What Taurus seeks in his life is to find inner peace and find calm despite the problematic situations that arise. This is also intelligence ... He knows perfectly how to stay calm when his whole world, both outside and inside, is going to shit. Although on the inside he is crumbling and breaking down by the moment, Taurus has the grace and class to maintain his composure and pretend nothing is really happening. More than one would give anything to have that “super power” and to be able to pretend everything was perfect when it is not.

It may seem hard to believe, but Taurus hates arguments, fights, dramas and more when they don’t make any sense. It is not easy to convince a Taurus to fall into an argument, because he is very intelligent and knows exactly where you are trying to convince him. It is not easy to manipulate, so be careful. Because when you go, Taurus has probably already been back and forth several times.

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