Why is not going back to an ex the best decision you will ever make?


They say second chances were never good, third less. Rebuilding a broken relationship, although it is not impossible, is a bit difficult, especially if your ex has done you irreparable damage. If this is your case and you still have doubts about whether or not to bet on that person who failed you one day, don’t miss out why you shouldn’t go back to your ex according to your sign. Take a look!


It may be that you were very made to your ex and that you complemented yourself perfectly in intimacy with him or her Aries, but this is not enough and you also know it. Passion has nothing to do with true love, you cannot be with someone toxic just to put a little excitement in your life. We know that skin-to-skin hooks you Aries, especially if you enjoy the way you like it, but if you have to put up with unacceptable things later, it’s not worth it.


Taurus, you are not anyone’s savior, although sometimes you get into that role. Your role in a relationship cannot be to be forced to change the other to be at ease, just as you would like. Each one is as it is, if not it makes you happy and gives you more headaches than anything else to strive for. It has always cost you a little bit to get rid of a relationship in which you have good feelings and intentions, but if you don’t, your well-being is in danger. Be careful with this!


Gemini when you come to the conclusion that your relationship must end because that person in one way or another harms you, you are right. However, later if you feel bored you think about her and you even think you need her to be okay. Wrong! There are other ways to occupy your time and you know it, pull your friends and stay in your place, as soon as your life returns to normal and you get used to being alone again it will pass ...


Don’t be so nice Cancer, because sometimes this is what makes you think that everyone deserves a second chance. If your partner has betrayed you or made you suffer more than necessary, why do you think they will change? Sometimes you cling to certain illusory ideas about the other person, about the possibility of fixing things and building a future together, but they say that whoever does you once does it to you two and, although this is not always the case, it is very likely that if you forgive and return, you end up suffering like a condemned person. Think about it!


When you really want, it is very difficult not to end up giving in Leo, especially if the reason for the breakup has nothing to do with third parties, there is another story. When you fall in love, but the relationship is not healthy, it is very difficult for you to maintain zero contact or not give in to temptation, be careful Leo, man does not live by love alone and you could end up again in a fetal position crying as if there were no tomorrow. Try to be objective for a moment and look from the outside at the relationship you are willing to follow ... Do you like it or does it hurt you?


Virgo you can’t keep running into your past if you somehow know what the future holds for you with that person you’ve decided to break up with. You know very well that love is not everything, if once you felt and could realize that it did not work and that it was not the person for you, why repeat? Stay firm Virgo, deep down you know what is good for you and what is not, and your ideas may be stronger than your heart. Hang on to it!


Even if you have strong Libra reasons, when you break up with a person, you hang on for a while and can’t see beyond. This is the reason why you may give the odd chance, you are so blinded by the romantic idea that initially led you to join that person that you forget that there are more people in the world. Sometimes you need to stamp yourself with reality from the front to never fall into the abyss ...


Scorpio, if you are hesitating to return with a person you left for a compelling reason, think that if you were destined to be with them, you would never have separated. You are not one of those who make decisions like crazy, although it may not seem like it, you like to think things through well and then not have to back down, then you must think what led you to separate, if you cannot tolerate it, do not fall into the trap.


Sagi you are not anyone’s therapist, you cannot change the head or the mechanisms used by the person you love. When you blind yourself you are quite stubborn, thank goodness it does not last too long and in the end you reveal to whom so much damage is hurting you without wanting or wanting to. If the person you are with is not able to change by himself or herself, you do not settle for what he offers you, who cares who contributes to you, there are many options to get stuck and wrecked by anyone ...


Although it is rare for you to return over and over again with a person with whom you know you do not fit in, on occasion you may be tempted to a second Capri chance. Many times your common sense is above your heart, do not shut up that little voice that tells you what is best for you, or else you may later pay the consequences of a non grata relationship for you ...


Be careful Aquarius, your optimism could hurt you. Even if you want to see the best of your ex, you cannot forget what he has done to you, however, on occasion you may see yourself putting on a blindfold. If you already had a bad time once, why try again, if you still have any doubts and in the end you give another chance, you should be aware that the thing does not turn out as you expect. If deep down inside you know that you are going to suffer again, think well before giving it your all ...


Pisces you deserve the best without a doubt, you are a couple that even with its defects is flawless. If they have been giving you a bad life or your ex has not treated you well, do not be fooled with words. This is very easy to say clearly, but when there is love involved or children in common things get complicated, think of yourself for once Pisces and think of everything you have done for that person, is it really reciprocal? If the answer is no, go on with your life, you will smile and be happy again ...

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