Why does virgo ruin the opportunities in love?


For you, falling in love, Virgo, is a challenge. You are a person who prefers to keep your distance and protect your heart. But actually, you like it when you meet a person who understands you and gives you all the love and attention you need. The problem, Virgo, is that many times you ruin all the opportunities that life gives you to fall in love because of you. You are a perfectionist and you have high expectations and because of that, you become obsessed with finding the ideal person. These are the ways you screw up your chances of loving:

You are still too anchored in the past. See that you are someone strong and someone who is very focused on the future. But, Virgo, you have a hard time turning the page and leaving the past behind. When a person comes into your life and makes you really feel, when love ends, you have a hard time forgetting that person. You do not forgive and worst of all, Virgo, is that you do not forget. And because of the past, you are unable to move on and take advantage of all the opportunities that the present presents.
You keep analyzing every little thing you say to the fullest. Virgo, your main problem is that you do not get carried away. You worry a lot about the image that others take of you and what others may think of your words. The problem is that in the end people do not get to know your true personality. You try to bring out the best version of yourself at all times, but in reality others want to see the truest version of yourself. You ruin opportunities to love, Virgo, because you hide and make up all your flaws and everything you don’t like about yourself.
You still do not value yourself and do not love yourself as you deserve, Virgo. This motive is closely related to the previous one. You lack a lot of self-love and you also need to believe much more in all your power. You think that you will never find anyone who loves loves you for being who you are. You have to work a lot on your self-esteem and on accepting all your flaws. If you really want to take advantage of all the possibilities of love that life puts before you, you have to love yourself the most and be sure of what you say, what you do and what you feel.

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