Why Does Virgo Not Have a Partner?


Virgo, you are single because you are very demanding and very perfectionist. You know what you want and what you don’t. You have it very clear. This has its good part and its bad part. The good thing is that you know what kind of people are suitable for you and which ones are not.

The bad thing is that it is difficult for you to get out of there, that you meet new people and that you leave your circle. Because sometimes you look very checkered. Nobody and nothing will get you out of there. But Virgo, you have to open up a bit, because the person you are waiting for may come as a surprise and you may not realize it. Do not be so demanding when it comes to meeting someone because you may be in for a big surprise.

Being so demanding, others may think that you are waiting for the most beautiful person on earth to seduce you. But you know that it is not so. And as much as you are waiting for love, you are not going to go with the first person who appears on your way. You are just waiting for the ideal person.

But you know that being single is not bad, it is simply a phase that you must go through until you find someone who is 100% committed to you. Until you find that person who supports you in all your decisions and who does not oppose you to the minimum. And if you take it, it must be for a compelling argument. To show you that being in love can be the best experience of your life.

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