Why does taurus ruin the opportunities in love?


It is clear, Taurus, that you do not let anyone enter your heart. Not even a person you don’t fully trust. For these things, you are a super cautious person because you know what it is to suffer for love. You know what it’s like to have to fight to get back to the front and leave all the pain behind. But, Taurus, that is why you are leaving behind many people who perhaps could make you believe in love again. These are the three ways you are ruining your chances of love:

You keep overthinking the past instead of being carried away by the present. Taurus, it is very difficult for you to turn the page. Even when you think you’ve gotten over it yourself, your mind plays a trick on you and keeps going backwards. And the problem is not in looking at the past, the problem is that it is very difficult for you to leave behind the people who hurt you. It’s something you’re working hard on, Taurus, but you have to do everything you can to forget the past if you don’t want it to keep ruining the chances of love.
You still believe and trust that people are going to change, that they are going to keep their words, that they are going to show you that everything they said was true. But no, Taurus, you should start to be much more realistic and stop trusting that ‘goodness’ that others say they have. You do not know all the opportunities to meet someone new that you are missing by waiting for THAT person to change. If he has already broken your heart and betrayed your trust once, surely he is capable of doing it again ...
You are too much of a perfectionist and you just look for that in the rest of the world. You are too demanding with everyone and when you do not like a small detail, you already put the barriers to your heart. Taurus, in love (and in life in general) you have to let yourself go a little bit more. You just have to try to stop putting so much pressure on yourself to meet the PERFECT person. Because, Taurus, perfection does not exist and in the end, the only thing you are going to achieve is to ruin your chances of falling in love again.

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