Why Does Taurus Not Have a Partner?


Taurus, sometimes you are very maniac in love and you know that you do it for your own good. For that control that you like so much. When it comes to finding love, you are looking for a person who meets all your requirements and you look no further. You don’t look at what someone can make you feel. You can find someone who does meet the requirements, but if he is not “your type” you know that he will become just a friend and nothing more. And that’s why you haven’t found love yet.

Because you judge people very quickly and you don’t give them time to show themselves what they are like.

You should give a chance to that person who solves you differently and who breaks with what you are used to. Stop to get to know her a little better. It may surprise you and that in the end who you think is not “your type” is.

But Taurus, you are still alone because you know that you have a hard time trusting someone. You refuse to let something go wrong again. Love scares you. It scares you that you get to fall in love a lot with someone and that it is not reciprocal. You do not know what love can bring to your life and that scares you. Because you want to have everything under your control and that nothing escapes from your hands. And if someone or something dares to try to change it, you will refuse anything. Even to be in love.

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