Why does scorpio ruin the opportunities in love?


Love for you is something super important, Scorpio. Although you seem like a dark and heartless person, in reality, you are someone super romantic and who has a very special heart. The problem is that you are a very distrustful person and that is why you lose many opportunities when it comes to falling in love and meeting your soulmate. These are the three ways you ruin your chances of love:

You keep pushing people out of your life because you fear getting excited and letting someone into your heart again. Throughout your life, Scorpio, your heart has been broken many times and that has made you more distant. Although you are dying to fall in love, you do not want to give the right to anyone to enter your heart and break it again like nothing. So you push people away and create distance to protect yourself. But, Scorpio, you cannot continue like this because you are ruining all the opportunities to fall in love that come into your life.
Another problem, Scorpio, is your distrust. As soon as you have a minimum reason to distrust, the relationship ends without even letting the other person give their version or explain what happened. You keep coming up with reasons, or even sometimes making them up, to get away from people instead of giving them a chance to explain the reasons. Scorpio, you have to start being more flexible, for your sake ...
You keep convincing yourself that it is better to be alone and to show others that you are a super independent person who does not need anyone. You try to tell yourself over and over that there is no point in looking for a relationship. When deep down, you know that something you would like would be to have someone to love. Look, Scorpio, stop lying and accept reality. You try to get the love of your life and show others that you do not want a relationship when deep down if you would like to live something like that. So stop ruining all the chances of love that you have ...

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