Why Does Scorpio Not Have a Partner?


Scorpio, if you are single, you know it is for your good. You are a great dreamer. You have dreams that you have always wanted to fulfill and you know that it is better to pursue them without worrying if the other person wants to live in that fantasy. Now you don’t want anyone to come and get you off the cloud. And you don’t want anyone to play with you again, either. You try to protect yourself because you don’t want anyone to hurt you again.

Scorpio, you are single because you know that you are trying to discover who you are and that for you now is your number 1 priority. Before anything and anyone. At this moment if you are alone it is because you do not want to find anyone, you want to find yourself, and then later, you will look for someone with whom to enjoy life.

But deep down, you know that you want to fall in love and find someone who loves you. Because you are like that. You love and you are a lover. You may be single, yes, but you know that you enjoy life more when you are in love. And you need someone who lives love as intensely as you because if not, it will be difficult for both parties and it will be better to be single. So, you better stay in that solitude until you find that person who you feel deserves you. That it be something mutual and that I really want to be with you. As much as you love love, you’d better wait and don’t go with the first person who crosses your path.

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