Why does pisces ruin the opportunities in love?


For you love, Pisces, is something very important. You are constantly in search of your soul mate, that person with whom you complement yourself to the fullest. But also, because of love, you suffer a lot. You get delusional very easily and most of the time, those illusions end up in the trash. There are things that do not depend on you, but without a doubt, there are others that do depend on you. Here are the three ways you ruin your chances of falling in love:

You are a very innocent person, Pisces, but above all, you are someone very clear. The problem is that you do not know how to distinguish the kindness of others from flirting. And there are times that you yourself start to create illusions when that person is simply being nice to yourself. If you don’t want to ruin any type of relationship, what you should do when in doubt is to ask is to make the other person be sincere. There are times when someone is flirting, you just think they are being nice and they are not ...
In your day to day, Pisces, you need a lot of attention and a lot of affection. For this reason, many times you are only left with people who show the least interest in you. And this must change now if you really don’t want to ruin your chances of falling in love. When a person starts to like you, Pisces, do not be left alone with the attention they give you and look beyond. Look for loyalty and trust in that person. Seek that in addition to attention, he also has a real interest in you.
But your main problem, Pisces, and the reason you ruin most chances of falling in love again, is that you continue to have relationships that should have ended long ago. It is very difficult for you to leave the past behind, it is difficult for you to overcome and forget certain people. But you have to learn to turn the page, Pisces, please, because otherwise you will never be able to have a healthy relationship with someone new. Do it for yourself, turn the page and start from scratch.

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