Why does libra ruin the opportunities in love?


Many times, Libra, the only thing you want and need is to have by your side a person you can trust, a person who makes you feel and with whom you can share your feelings. You struggle to find someone like that, Libra. And even if you go as an absolute hater of love, deep down, you like to have someone else’s attention and you like to be loved. The problem, Libra, is that many times you are the one who runs away from that love unconsciously. These are the ways in which you ruin the opportunities to love that come into your life:

You are still not sincere when you talk about your feelings. Libra, many times you lie and say you are fine because you do not want to appear too emotional or even too clingy. You try to camouflage everything that happens to you and make up with a smile, when in reality it is not like that. You have to start being honest about this, even if it costs you. If you are clear at all times, it will be much easier for your future relationship. But if not, if you continue like this, you will end up ruining the chances of love.
You keep forgiving people who make the same mistakes over and over again. Libra, you do not like to conflict and much less do you like someone else to be upset by something you say. Because of this, many times you end up forgiving people who have hurt you simply for not starting an argument or not making them feel upset. And that must end at once. In the end, you end up investing your time in people who are not worth it and losing the opportunity to invest it in people who do value you and do love you.
You are a little demanding and you have very high expectations, Libra, and therefore you ruin the chances you have to love. You think that love is something unique, something perfect, something that always turns out well and when it doesn’t, you close completely and are unable to go further. Libra, you have to learn to let yourself go. You have to stop believing that real love is like that ‘perfect’ love that appears in romantic movies. You do not know the number of opportunities that you will continue to lose if you continue to believe that love is perfect and that it always brings good things.

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