Why Does Libra Not Have a Partner?


Libra, if you are alone it is because you know what is best for you right now. You may have been through a bad time and now you don’t need to fall in love to have a bad time again. Or because you just don’t feel like falling in love and that’s it. Now you feel like spending time thinking about yourself and enjoying that. Now is your time and nobody else’s. You do not want anyone to come and more if it is to ruin that moment and suffer again. You have matured a lot, you have realized that it is not bad to be alone and you have learned to enjoy that solitude.

Your indecisive nature also makes it difficult for you to find someone. Because you always doubt almost everyone. You have to have something very VERY clear to jump into the pool.

And it is that sometimes you need to let yourself go a little and stop thinking if it really suits you to be in love or not. Even if it’s difficult, give it a try.

Libra, you know that your freedom is the most important thing to you. And you need a person who knows and respects her. Freedom is like your shadow. It goes with you everywhere. And in love, it was not going to be less. And if someone doesn’t like it, don’t even try. Because your space is your space and no matter how much you want to share your life with someone, you always need your place to feel free. And it is that so much freedom can scare anyone and go to the minimum that you take out your wings to fly. But what they don’t know is that you, Libra, would rather be alone than in bad company.

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