Why does leo ruin the opportunities in love?


You love falling in love, Leo. You spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect person, the one with whom you can share all your love and all your plans for the future. But there are times when you don’t realize it and accidentally ruin the opportunities that life puts in front of you to fall in love. You get so obsessed with finding real love that you can’t see beyond it, Leo. These are the ways in which you ruin the chances of love:

You keep putting attraction and passion ahead of trust and loyalty. You keep looking for someone who brings you all that passion that you like so much, instead of looking for someone you can trust the most, someone who is loyal. And that’s the problem, Leo. You should start looking for people you can really trust and also, who give you that spark of passion that you need so much. You have to take off the blindfold and go further. In the end, you will realize that trust is the foundation for any relationship to function properly.
Face it, Leo, you are quite demanding when it comes to falling in love. You love love and feel loved, but that is not why you are going to go with anyone. There are even times when you are a bit shallow. You need that person to attract you physically and if not, you dismiss the opportunity. There you fail, Leo… In order not to lose the opportunity to love, you should try to get to know people well before taking them into your life simply because their physique does not attract you.
When you meet a person, Leo, you focus too much on yourself ... You are very independent and you always go to your ball, but you do not realize that it is very difficult for the other person to meet you. You unconsciously ruin many relationships because of the way you are. You are kind when you propose to be, but sometimes, Leo, you focus too much on yourself and forget that perhaps the other person needs your attention too. You have to learn to be closer and to listen much more to the needs of others. It is important that you do your part if you really want to have a healthy and lasting relationship. You ruin many opportunities that love gives you by focusing so much on yourself ...

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