Why Does Leo Not Have a Partner?


Leo, you love, if you are single it is for something and not because you do not have people behind you. You have too much confidence in yourself and that is something that attracts a lot of people. But to others, it is something that throws them back. Because it scares them that someone can trust themselves so much. If you are single, it is because you want to look much more for yourself than for the rest and you are not going to settle for the first person who knocks on the door. Sometimes it is better to put yourself first so that you can enjoy others. And you know that very well, Leo.

You love and that can be difficult when looking to fall in love. Because that means you need them to show you everything they feel. And you need to prove it too. It means that they lead the same rhythm of life and that they always enjoy being in love.

Come on, you live in a cloud full of hearts and you want someone to live there too. You are so in love with a love that it scares a lot of people, so you’d better relax a bit and don’t rush.

Although, if you are alone it is for something and surely you are enjoying your singleness better than anyone. Because you know that you would rather be alone than in bad company. And you are not going to fall in love with someone like that by itself and you are waiting for that person who is going to give you EVERYTHING you need.

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