Why does he not reply to your message according to your sign?


Do you want to know why he doesn’t reply to your messages? Then do not miss this article, below, we are going to see what reasons or reasons each sign has for not replying to messages. Sometimes we send a message and we wait for an answer and with some uncertainty because we do not know what happens to that person, if they are angry, if they have a problem or if they have simply lost their way. If you want to solve this question, here are the answers ...


Aries pretends to make everything okay when inside it is fatal. This sign does not like to show its feelings to everyone and, although it is an open and spontaneous person, it does not tell its problems to just anyone. If you have sent him a message and still don’t have an answer, it is most likely that he is not having his best day, but calmly or calmly, he will answer you for sure. Aries is not rude at all and will attend to everyone even if you do not feel like any ...


If Taurus does not answer, it is either because he is full of work or because he has been busy with some important matter. When the bull of the zodiac has no time for him or for her, he puts everything aside and goes about his business in order of priority. Once everything is over, Taurus breathes, relaxes and heeds those things or people that he has left parked until he feels liberated or liberated, it is a matter of time ...


When Gemini’s feel overwhelmed by some situation, they completely disconnect from the world. This sign is usually the joy of the garden and loves to interact with all kinds of people, but if it is bad it goes from white to black in a second. Gemini’s disconnect their mobile when they need to disconnect their head, they are not interested in anything that has to do with the rest and they do not do it out of selfishness, they do it because it is the only way to recover.


It is rare that Cancer does not respond to a message, at least from the people he loves, such as his family and friends, but if he does not do it for sure, it is because he has a good explanation. When it needs to focus, the zodiac crab tries to stay alone or alone, distractions do not help it in this regard. Cancer does not spend his life glued to the telephone and less when it comes to his well-being, if he wants to do something important the least he needs is to be aware of other things.


Leo is an active and awake mind who needs to keep his head entertained. If for whatever reasons he has more free time than usual, he will respond as soon as possible, but if he is busy he will put the phone aside to concentrate on what he is doing. In addition to this, it seems to Leo a huge lack of respect to share time with someone and be glued to the mobile. If you are notified of something urgent, it will be there, but otherwise everything will happen ...


Virgo always responds to messages, unless they know that it can cause an argument with the other person. Virgo is crazy about not talking about important things the way they should be done, to your face. This sign only uses instant messaging applications to communicate something important such as meeting for an hour or deciding a place to meet. Virgo would not bear long talks by these means, but if there is no problem between you, he will answer you as soon as he can.


Libra is not one of those who refuse to answer the messages that come to him, he usually does so willingly. Now, since he is sometimes indecisive because he needs to be very clear about things, he may not respond until he thinks what he wants to say and of course, what you want to hear. Libra is very considerate of people and will never respond in a bad way even if the message feels bad. This sign may take a while to answer, but it will certainly do so ...


When Scorpio concentrates on a task, he does not pay attention to anything else because he knows that distractions cause a waste of time. Answering texts can be stressful for the natives of this sign, especially if you are not in a relaxed or relaxed moment and alone. Sometimes it may seem that he does it on purpose, but nothing to do, the telephone is not essential in his life, it is only an instrument to communicate when necessary. No more no less!


If Sagittarius does not answer you one of two, either he is very busy and does not know or is not interested at all what you have said. If it is the latter, he will answer later or when he has no other choice, Sagi has a lot of education, but there are things that do not go with him or her. The archer of the zodiac lives a bit glued to the mobile, except when he is concentrating on something else or having a good time. Sooner or later it will go online and reply to all the messages it has received ...


Have you written to Capricorn and he doesn’t answer you? Then things smell bad, especially if days go by. Capri is a bit crazy with the mobile, that does not seem strange if it takes a while, but if it takes it for granted and everything happens it is because perhaps he does not want accounts with you. Think if you have done something to him that could make him feel bad, because usually when Capricorn does not answer it is because he is trying to eliminate that person from his life.


If Aquarius does not respond, it is because he is forgetful, he may even see the message, think that he will answer you later and thus spend hours or days without doing it. The water carrier of the zodiac goes to his ball like no other sign, he tries not to neglect his own, but sometimes he does not want to. Now, if someone blames you and becomes aware of your annoyance, they will try not to do it again. Aquarius does not want to be rude by no means, he does not have bad intentions, but he is abstracted and does not pay much attention to the phone.


Pisces would only stop answering due to stress, the zodiac fish is very attentive to the people around him, even with those who are nothing to him. Now, when you are going through an intense period at work or in your personal life, stop paying attention to the phone or social networks until you find some peace. Pisces cannot communicate with others until they get out of the loop, so they speak and respond to everyone who has tried to contact him or her.

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