Why Does Gemini Not Have a Partner?


Gemini, you are very unpredictable with your feelings and with your mood. And that’s why you’re still single. One day you can be very happy and very in love with life and the next day hate anyone who walks past you. You change your mind very quickly, which makes it very difficult to commit to someone or a relationship. You can’t commit because you don’t know when you’ll change your mind about something you feel.

You meet a lot of people and that can be difficult when it comes to finding love. Because it will not be easy to find someone who stands out above the rest.

It will take a lot for you to really like someone, because it is difficult for you, Geminis, to maintain an interest in someone when your social circle is so wide. You need to find that person who is special and who is different from anyone you already know.

Gemini, you are very reserved when it comes to showing your feelings and you prefer to keep them well kept under lock and key. You never show what you can feel and that person who is trying to conquer you is going to have a difficult time. Because he does not understand what you really feel. Gemini, you have to be more open and honest with others. This will only improve your relationships. You just have to show how you feel and others will better understand who you are. This will make it much easier for someone to understand you and fall in love with you. Although you know that it really is not that difficult.

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