Why does capricorn ruin the opportunities in love?


Love is a pending issue for you, Capricorn. It is very difficult for you to fall in love and, above all, it is very difficult for you to find someone with whom you feel safe and who you can trust. For you love is something difficult because in the past they have played with your illusions and also with your heart. And just because of this, you are ruining all the possibilities that there was that love would return to your life. These are the three ways you miss out on those opportunities:

You still believe that the past is going to repeat itself. You are unable to turn the page and that is why it is so difficult for you to trust others. You avoid any type of relationship because you do not trust anyone and because you think that people can break your heart again. You do not forget and you do not forgive, but in addition to that, you are not even able to forgive yourself or overcome that pain. Capricorn, if you really want to stop ruining your chances of falling in love again, you have to turn the page anyway and stop thinking that everyone is going to hurt you.
You keep a certain distance when you start to meet someone because you are afraid of falling in love again. You are afraid of your feelings, Capricorn. Despite being such a smart person, you have a hard time managing what your heart feels. You don’t let the other person get to know you fully because you lock yourself in to protect yourself. You don’t want to relive what you lived in the past. You fear your own feelings, Capricorn, and that is why you ruin all future relationships.
Love for you is not a priority. There are other more important things above. And when you meet someone with whom you could have a future, you do not give it the necessary importance and in the end that person is disappointed. Capricorn, from now on, if you don’t want to miss another opportunity, it’s time to start prioritizing a little more. Above all, so as not to hurt the other person and so that they do not leave early. You have to learn to value the time and illusions of others.

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