Why Does Capricorn Not Have a Partner?


Capricorn, if you are single it is because now you think that it is not the time to be in love. You want to live in solitude because deep down it is not so bad. You do not like to depend on anyone and that no one depends on you. Because if someone depends on you, you feel like you lose your freedom to share it with another person, and you don’t like that. You have better things to do in your life than to tie yourself to someone and not live anything that awaits you. So, better to be alone, than to share your life with someone you know is not worth it.

You are someone cold on some issues and it is difficult for you to show your feelings. You need someone who understands you in this regard and does not overwhelm you. The time will come when you take out everything you have inside.

And it is at that moment when you realize if that person is the right one or it is better to stay alone. Because if that’s when that person supports you and understands you, don’t hesitate, stay by your side. But if not, you better run away.

Capricorn, you know more than anyone that you are not going to change for anything or anyone. The person you are going with has to accept you in all your aspects and if they don’t like it, they already know where the door is. Because your life is like that. You better wait for that ideal person to arrive who will always make you look on the bright side of everything, even being in love.

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